Thursday, February 11, 2010

In honor of Valentine's day for you married folks...

Thanks to Rick Warren,

"Your marriage is a lab for learning how to love like Jesus loves. Within marriage, God has created an opportunity for us to develop a true intimacy and authenticity with another human being.
To go this deep requires genuine, heart-to-heart, gut-level sharing, where you and your spouse get honest about who you are and what's happening in your lives. This happens when you both share your hurts, reveal your feelings, confess your failures, disclose your doubts, admit your fears, acknowledge your weaknesses, and ask each other for help and prayer."


Looks like I need to share with my husband what I share with you, oops!  Just kidding, I share most of it, but not to the level I do here.  He would get sick of listening.  Happy LOVE day!


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  1. Great post! Coincidentally I bought the book All About Us today at B&N. It basically looked like something I could torture Nip with but it has some great categories to get eachother talking and understanding why we are how we are so that we can appreciate it. I'll let you know if it ever gets filled out!

    Happy Valentine's Day to a lady so lucky she gets 3 handsome valentines! And Happy early Birthday!!!



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