Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I promised pictures...

Here is a little bit that has been going on around the house lately. Yes, that is Wyatt's underwear on Waylon's head and yes that is pre-wrap wrapped around Waylon's arm. These are some things that happen when daddy takes charge. How fun for them!

He loved having the underwear on his head and ran around the house like a madman!

He has been doing a lot of this lately too. He went to the dr last week for his well baby check up. 24lbs he is and has an ear infection. He also has 3 of his molars coming in. Fun times!!!

And a lot of this...

He knows better than to climb on those stools and got himself stuck. I, being the awesome mom that I am, grabbed the camera and took a couple of photos before rescuing him.

Never mind the hand prints ALL over the stove in the background!

This is Jerry Lee a couple of weeks ago. She is at least twice as big now and her ears are now standing straight up.


Playtime with Jerry Lee.

Oh and here is sweet little Lincoln from our girls lunch a few weeks back. I am sure that he has changed a ton since this pic was taken.

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