Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What’s up with Wy Wy????

  1. Skip lips = Blistex. Part of us wants to correct him, but it makes us laugh because he tries so hard to get the word out and then it comes out skip lips. It is so cute.
  2. Is it still colding out – Is it still cold outside?
  3. "Mommy you're so cute" as he rubs his small soft little hand on my cheek
  4. W: "Why is it still dark out?" Me: "Because it is really early in the morning." W: "Why do you always say that?" Me: "Because you ask the same question at the same time everyday!"
  5. Samt = Same. "Look mom, those two things are the samt"
  6. He makes a really great whistle sound with his mouth. Thankfully it isn't as loud as a whistle.
  7. Pretends to call some "coach" and have a conversation with him that consists of "What are you doing, yeah, uh huh, ok, how's your knee feeling, yeah, ha, ha (fake laugh), uh huh, alright, bye" and hangs up the phone and struts across the living room. One of the cutest things he does and he is SO serious about it.
  8. Starting to get embarrassed easily when we are in public. At a recent basketball game he started dancing to the band music then realized where he was and stopped immediately and got embarrassed. Grrr! My hope for him is that he can be confident about the person he really is and not care what others think because he is a hoot!
  9. Is getting more social. When people ask him questions he actually answers them now and will give you a good hard high five if you ask.
  10. Has been in a great mood in the mornings recently. We haven't changed a thing. I think he is finally hearing what I have been saying about how much easier the mornings are without screaming and tears.
  11. Hasn't told his daddy that he doesn't love him in a few days. YEAH!
  12. Continues to be really great to his brother. Even sharing his snacks and patting him on the back when Waylon is crying and talks to him softly to calm him down. I won't mention what Waylon thinks of it because it ruins the sweet moment. Waylon is getting so mean!!!! His update is coming soon!

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