Friday, January 22, 2010

Busy, busy!

I've been a busy girl, ok woman! This new role at work sure does take a lot of time. I was busy before, but now I am even busier but feel much more organized and in control instead of everything completely overwhelming me. It's a great feeling. I could write a whole other post on how much I have changed in these past 2 years, maybe sometime I will, especially in the way of confidence. Look for that one coming sometime soon. Hopefully this experience will open new doors for me in the future. I am eager to get there.

But not so fast....

I have to go home to my real life at night and wish I could slow everything down. Yesterday was a busy, long day, but last night was a short, busy night. I sat down for 15 minutes to eat my dinner and that was it until I hit the sack. I had a late start to the night anyway because of working late. Once I got home I had to clean the dog crate (that's all I am saying), get the kids doing something that occupied them while I cooked dinner, cooked dinner, sat down to eat, got up to clean the kitchen, HAD to do 3 loads of laundry, gave the boys a bath, lotioned those boys, and put their jammies on, clean the dog crate again : , fold the 3 loads of laundry, put it away, fix Wyatt's bed that came apart from jumping on it, and gather things up for the next morning. By the end of the night I was exhausted and frankly about in tears because as I finally climbed into bed I realized that I didn't get 1 minute to actually 100% focus on them.

Thankfully those nights are few and far between. Last night was just one of those nights and Dale was also doing stuff and unable to sit down. Thankfully Wyatt got out of his bed a few times so I got a little interaction with him kissing and hugging and telling him to get back to his bed. At one point I had to get up and take him back to bed and he asked me if I would "wub his back for a yittle bit", of course!!!! He is so sweet! He laid there with his eyes closed for awhile then opened them and said, "When you wub my back it says ZZEEERRROOO, ZZEEERRROOO, ZZEEERRROOO." It was so cute. I don't know why he thought it sounded like that but he made me do it some more and be really quiet then would ask me if I heard it. I didn't but it was still a great little moment. I was going in circles so maybe that is what he meant.

I am really trying to soak those moments in. They are getting so big so quick and soon won't care a bit about me rubbing their backs or even want me in their room for that matter. The time at home goes by too entirely fast! I'm looking forward to a weekend planned of nothing but just time with all of my boys and that one little girl that was added to the family at Christmas. I think her sweet side is starting to come out a little bit. Every morning I let her out early when I go eat my breakfast. She wants her belly rubbed and for the most part she will SIT in there with me. SIT is a thing she usually doesn't do if she is out of her crate. She is constantly running around and terrorising the boys.

Anyway, sorry for the boring content here today. Like I said I have been busy and I really don't think you want to hear about our enterprise wide reporting strategy or the 103 message that isn't going to be sent from our admin system to our front end system, which have all been taking the majority of my mind and time lately!

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  1. I'm so happy you are getting this new opportunity. I call that a long time coming; should have happened years ago!

    I secretly love when B gets out of bed. Sometimes I take a bath after he lays down and he waits all the way until I'm done and dressed and stands at my bathroom doors saying "was that a nice bath for you mommy?" You cant be mad at that! Love our mommas boys!



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