Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Moments

It's Saturday, I have so much laundry to do the thought of it makes me want to cry. The pile is as big as a mountain, I am exaggerating a little bit, but the pile is still huge. I finally just sorted and threw the first load in. I have a small break in time. Wyatt is outside with his dad and dogs and Waylon is napping his poor little runny nosed self.
I happened to glance out the window a couple of minutes ago to see Wyatt headed to the house from the woods. He was with Jerry Lee, our new puppy. As he was walking it was like slow motion watching him from my window and I had a moment. One of those moments when you reflect over the last 3 and 1/2 years and wonder where the time has gone and my heart swelled. I am so proud of him. He is so big (I'm getting a little teary eyed). When he was tiny and I would occasionally rock him to sleep because I couldn't resist how sweet of a moment that was I would tell him what a dream come true he was. How mommy and daddy wanted him so much and were so happy he was here (ok, crying!). Standing there at the window took me back there. I have always been so excited for the time Wyatt could be more independent and act like a little boy. Not that I wasn't excited for his baby time either, but little boys between ages 3 and 5 have always won my heart. I was excited for the time he could go hang out with his daddy cutting wood, doing yard work, etc. I know Dale has longed for that time too.
Well, it's here, he has reached that age and it is everything I have longed for. He is sweet, becoming more and more independent, proud of himself, helpful and has a good, tight grip on my heart. I love him to pieces. I wish I would have grabbed my video camera to capture the moment. It wasn't a big deal, a little boy with his dog walking through the pasture is all, but it was a huge moment for me.
That is exactly the reason I wanted Jerry Lee as well, right there by his side. Early I looked up t-ball sign ups. T-BALL SIGN UPs!!! I can't wait to see him out there playing on the field. Really, I can because I want every moment of these next few years to creep as slowly as they can so I can soak it all in.
Just took another quick window check. Dale and his son are down there crouched around the bon fire they just created throwing little sticks in. What a bonding moment for Dale and what a special time for Wyatt. I guarantee tomorrow as we are coming home from church Wyatt will ask us if we remember burning wood with his big excited blue eyes and ask if we can go do that again. I think he loves times like this as much as me and his daddy do.

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