Monday, December 21, 2009

Will it be??? Not this time.


It won't be. Darn it! I knew I should have stopped staring at his adorable face. They won't let us adopt him because of the fenced in yard requirement. I appreciate them looking for good owners, but gee. Anyway, I am a little, ok a lot disappointed because I really wanted to see that look in Dale's eye. I will keep looking. Anyone come across a beautiful German Shepherd similar to the one below, email me, please! I guess it will be some boring coat Dale is wanting instead. (tear)

Original Post:

Wow! Isn't he adorable???!!!! I am seriously considering him as a Christmas gift for the boys, but mainly for Dale. Dale grew up with a German Shepherd named Spuds. He was not that nice of a dog in my opinion, but I knew him as a grumpy old man, but he was Dale's all time favorite. He has wanted another German Shepherd since then. So, I have applied for him at the Human Society of Greater KC. He is about 8 months old. He is a dog that was rescued after being hit by a bus. He had a broken tibia and femur, which have since healed. They say he has no problem getting around now. I'm not getting my mind set on him yet because I am outside of their guidelines as far as location and I don't have a fenced in yard. We will see what they say. And yes, I know, more responsibility and possibly more of this, but I am willing to give it a shot for the sake of my lovely husband. The man that picks up the living room, does his own laundry and mine when I can't get to it, cleans my car and fills it up with gas, cleans the blankity, blank kitchen, wraps gifts, and gets as giddy as a little boy getting ready for Christmas and making plans to make it special for his boys all without being asked. I think he is worth it! For those of you who "know" Dale, I haven't gotten divorced and remarried to a different man without telling you! It is the same old Dale (or the side of Dale that I like to keep to myself because I feel special that I am the only one who knows him this way) Crap - I think I just got rid of the specialness of it all.

Boy, that face!

The more I look at this little guy, the more I want him!

What will Marcus think? I think that might take some time to get use to! Right now, this guy's name is Marty. Although that is a nice name, Dale will have one for him the second he lays his eyes on him. If everything goes right, it will be an absolute surprise to all of my boys. I better stop talking about it because I am starting to get my mind set on it. I will keep you updated.

**Dale doesn't read the blog - I don't even know if he knows I have a blog. He just isn't in to things like this, if you were wondering why I would be ruining the surprise by posting it.

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  1. Oh get him! Get him! I too grew up with a German Sheperd and she was the most amazing dog! She was sweet and protective and scared of lightening and people in overalls. :o) I hope you are able to get him.

    Sounds like Dale deserves it. Oh who are we kidding. You are quite a gift yourself! Merry Christmas to all of you.



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