Thursday, October 15, 2009

I love my dog....

Our lovely Marcus. Marcus was a wedding gift to us. We named him after the boy who gave him to us. It was a student Dale had when we lived in Holden and taught there. Marcus was picked for us because he was the 1st one to growl out of all the other puppies, great! Marcus was a sweet boy and we loved him dearly. He had a really pampered life. He was our only baby. What is he? He is a beagle and a pit bull mix. He favors the beagle in him a lot more than the pit bull. We find him quite often in our blankets like the one below.

What a sweet boy! He isn't that thrilled that we now have other babies, but he tolerates them well and seems to like Waylon a little more than he ever cared for Wyatt, but maybe it is because he is use to having kids around now.

Sometimes Marcus is extremely good, other times, not so much. Like the other night when I came home and opened up the front door and a horrible smell hit me in the face. I knew instantly what it was. I was praying it wasn't on the carpet. So, I peaked around the corner to see him laying on the couch like the above picture and 2 huge piles of (you know what) in the hallway. Thank goodness we didn't carpet the hallway! I decided that he must have really had to go and I was so thankful that he didn't go on the carpet that I went over and petted him, told him I know he really didn't have a choice, and I let that be that. Until I was on the phone with Dale and noticed all of this...
At the front door...

And by the door that goes to the basement. URG!!!!! And I just let him off the hook!

Yeah, this precious, sweet boy got me this time!

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