Friday, October 16, 2009

Updated pics

These pictures were from a few weeks ago. Wyatt and Waylon reaching for each other in the car. So cute!

Look at that concentration!
Last weekend I was trying to get some good photos for Waylon's birthday party invitations. I pulled out a Lion costume from Aunt T and shot away. I never got the perfect photo, but I did get some cute ones and the invitation is complete. Of course Wyatt had to have a turn in the costume and I think Waylon enjoyed it much more on his brother than on himself.

I don't know if I got lucky or if Waylon was really waving in this one.

This one would have been close to the perfect one, but I forgot to turn off the flash and my shadow is in the background. I am by no means a professional!

This one is pretty stinkin cute, I thought.

Not his best facial expression, but still cute.

I still haven't completely decided what he will be for Halloween. Halloween will always be a special time for us now. Waylon was born 2 days before and we brought him home on Halloween as a little Tiger. It was a fun and exciting day. That night Dale had his Clashes for Cancer football game. This is a game where our hometown plays Dale's current school where he is teaching and the money is donated to help fight against cancer. It is a great thing they do. It is still weird that my home town is now sort of a rival.

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