Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I'm Thankful for

A little boy who thinks it is hilarious that he has stinky feet. Or maybe he is laughing at the extremely dorky faces I was making because of his stinky feet.

That I don't care about making extremely dorky faces anymore if it means I get to enjoy this kind of laughter.

That I have another, older, little boy who can stop and say out of nowhere that he loves me and that he thanks me for what I do. What??!!! No 3 year old boy does that. Wyatt at dinner the other night while eating breaks the silence with these words, "Thank you, mommy." Me: "Thank you for what, baby?" Wyatt: "Thank you for doing all this everything." Me, just about to melt away in tears. I am so thankful that he even notices that I do anything.

For wet spots on my shirts and pants because of baby drool, seriously!

For all of this laundry I do and all of the small clothes I have to fold thinking when in the world did they wear all of these clothes.

For my 22 pound 11 month old wanting to be held or just resting his head on my thigh while I write how thankful for him I am.

For all the extremely soft and comfy baby blankets lying around the house. But, I wish I had the same amount in a bigger version all for myself and whoever wants to cuddle at the moment, of course.

And for the laugh and smile of this sweet toddler of a boy named Wyatt.

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