Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Present

One of my best high school friends got her Christmas present early last night. Her baby Lincoln has entered the world on his due date. Apparently he did get the memo!

The night before I had a dream that we were back in high school together and she was doing some skit up in front of the whole school. She lifted her leg to do some kind of kick and her belly dropped right in front of our eyes. It was like slow motion and the thought in my head was look out, he is coming. Then baby Lincoln came sliding out right there on the gym floor. Everyone rushed her to see if she was ok and to help poor baby Lincoln. It was a pretty funny dream.

Although Cherryh delivered pretty fast, it wasn't that fast thankfully and she was in a hospital! But, she did do it all natural, no drugs. I am so proud and happy for her. She has surprised me more this year than the last 20 or so years I have known her. (I could put the actual number of years on here, but really don't want to go there - makes me feel old) She was a model of a good healthy pregnant women. She worked out and motivated others to work out all along the way. I honestly am so surprised about how well she did and looked so beautiful the entire pregnancy.

We got a text last night about 3 from her beautiful sister telling us she was in the hospital. They were going to break her water around 4. Uncle Vic took over the updates so Christen could be in the room. I could really go into what a special time this is for Christen, but it isn't my story to tell. Although, I have written some about it before. Christen and Victor are really special people and mean a lot to me for many reasons.

We got the news around 8:30 that he had arrived and was perfect and healthy weighing 6lbs 13oz. Everyone is elated as you can imagine. I can't wait to get there and see his beautiful face and hug his special family. I can't wait to hear all the details either. Cherryh has inspired me to do a better job with working out while I am pregnant and I am inspired to have a natural birth again, but maybe this time more controlled and in a hospital with my husband present for the whole thing. That would be nice you know when I actually get pregnant again.

I am so proud of you, Cherryh and love you and your sister to death! Congratulations!

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