Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What a day and it's only noon

Today has been a great day in the way of news for 4 reasons, but I can only tell you 2 for now.

The 1st really isn't news, but just a special day in general:

It is "Gotcha Day" for some really special friends of ours. I didn't ask to share their story so I again will keep their names under wraps out of respect. These 2 are special to many of us and have a great story to tell. They have adopted 2 boys from Vietnam. E is around Wyatt's age and G is around Waylon's age. They celebrate "Gotcha Day" because that is the day they "got" their boys when they were in Vietnam. If you have ever tried to put a picture on the feeling of being a parent, they have got it. They captured all the emotion, desire, pain, dreams coming true, relief, happiness, joy, and so much more all in one shot when they "got" E. It is an image that will never leave my mind.

This couple is one I look up to and admire for their strength and values. I could go on for days, but what it sums up to is that they are just great. The boys are blessed to have them and they are blessed to have the boys. They're living a fairy tale! They ARE living happily ever after!

The other one I can disclose is that one of Dale's best friends from college will be playing in the OK State Championship game on Saturday. Not huge in some of your eyes, but huge to us because we know how much work he puts in with these kids and how much he cares. He is another GREAT person. Arguably the All American Guy. Great values, great looks, great personality! He's the whole package! Sorry ladies, he's taken to an equally great girl!

The other two? Well, you are just going to have to wait on those. No getting anything out of me either, so don't try! When I can tell you, I will. But, I'm not pregnant, I can tell you that much!

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