Monday, November 30, 2009

A big update post...

Before I get into telling you all how our holiday went I owe you some pictures from the last couple of posts.

This is on our way up to Iowa. Sorry about the bright sun in the background. I would love to have time to edit my photos or even take good ones for that matter.

Wyatt trying to be cool :)!

He looks so grown up and handsome here.

They were really excited to be in a, uh hum, hotel (that's all I have to say about that) they could hardly sleep.

Here is Wyatt and Lewis at dinner. Again, sorry for not including Big Lew, Lyndsey, and little Landyn in these photos. I can't believe I didn't get any of them!

These are some pictures of around Nae Nae's house a couple of weeks ago.

Waylon being so cool. Nevermind how completely filthy he is!

Wyatt is pretty cool himself.

I mentioned that Waylon has his 2 front teeth just in time for Christmas so I had to prove it.
Again, never mind his snotty nose and food all over his face! We were in the bath tub, promise!

Here is a great little pic his brother took of him...


Onto the Thanksgiving updates....

We got up, got the boys dressed to their best and got into the car. Made a quick stop for Cappuccino and on our way we were to KS. It was just how it was suppose to be. The highway was quiet, the kids were in GOOD moods, and the sun was shining brightly.

So cute!

Handsome boys!

We made it to KS and immediately Wyatt took off to play with his cousins, Zach and Betsy. This year Wyatt was big and tough enough to play with Zach. They wrestled like crazy and had the best time with each other. They are just like their daddies were from what I hear. Mark (Zach’s dad) was older than Dale and was the initiator of many things especially being mean and rough, but they loved to be around each other. I can see the same relationship forming between Wyatt and Zach.


Some more....

And yet more!

Betsy loves Wyatt and Waylon. She is tiny and has a broken arm, but she carried 22.5lb Waylon around quite a bit. She is so sweet. I’m so glad she is around amongst all of these boys! We were all playing the WII and she kept running her fingers through my hair. I forget what it’s like to have little girls around and the things they like, do, and say!

The great grandkids

Slipped in a little family pic.

Grandma Maxine, Aunt Kerri (Dale's sister), Linda (Dale's mom), Steph (Dale's cousin) and miss Betsy (Dale's 2nd cousin)

Waylon messing with things he shouldn't be.

Great Grandma Maxine and the great grandkids. Connor was sick this year so he couldn't attend.

Getting ready to go.

And they're out!

It was a great visit. We didn’t have to rush off and we got our bellies FULL!!! Everything was so good as it always is.

We headed home to put up the Christmas tree and pack up for a slumber party at my parent's house. You have to forgive me because as the weekend went on I took less and less pictures. We slept in comfy new beds with comfy new blankets! The boys slept great. We got up the next morning and started on our 2nd round of the holiday. It was chaotic at times, but good, good memories and good, good laughs! Might just be a new tradition.

Silly Waylon!

Nae Nae and PaPa got all the boys new jammies for their house. Pretty cute and comfy!

I didn't get new jammies : (! But, I am pretty partial to these as Dale could attest to, but only because they are so comfortable. Someone caught us searching for the goods!

We had some time to hang out on the deck and play due to the gorgeous (new word for Wyatt) weather that day while the turkey baked.

PaPa got a little wild with the tricycle - Waylon wanted a turn.

Waylon's 1st and 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th powdered donut. What the heck, it is a holiday! He was falling to the ground at one point and all he cared about was not losing any out of his mouth. He shoved his fist right in as he was going down. Funny little man!
Nae Nae drawing for the boys so they can erase it as fast as can be.
We headed home Friday night to meet a friend from college and her son Ty, who were headed home to TX. We get to see each other about once a year, but it is as if we talk all the time, we pick up right where we left off. This year was especially memorable, not because Ty has this crazy personality that he finally showed while he was here or that she is pregnant with a sweet little girl, or that she brought puppy chow again this year for me to feast on. Those all made the visit special, but our power went out and was out all night long. We lit a bunch of candles, Dale went to get some pizza, we talked, laughed, got caught up, and wrangled kids. We got the kids to bed, well, 2 of the kids. Wyatt fell asleep in the living room while Dale, Sarah and I talked until the power came back on just in time for us big people to hit the sack. It was a great time. Hopefully they will be up again once that baby girl gets here.

All the decorations are up, the boys were in Christmas jammies so I thought I would practice for some Christmas card pics. HA, HA, HA!!! Wyatt got his shirt that goes with his jammies drenched while he was "brushing his teeth" so I threw this one on and went with it anyway. It was just practice!
Best face.........Worst face!

This is what Waylon is constantly doing now that the tree is up!

We got up Saturday when our alarm went off; I mean when Ty got up and in the bath tub, love that little guy! We took a few quick early morning jammie pics and they were off for a 10 hour drive home. Dale fixed some pancakes and then took Wyatt to set up the Christmas decorations outside while Waylon took an early morning nap and I got ready to go meet some of my really good friends for lunch.

We try to get together as much as possible for many reasons:
1. To keep our sanity
2. Share stories about our kiddos
3. Share stories about our husbands, jobs, parents, etc.
4. Exchange tips on becoming debt free and what it’s like living debt free, thanks Amanda!
5. Catch up on all the gossip (we are from Lawson)
6. Talk about all things baby. Can’t wait to meet you, Lincoln!
7. And to laugh so hard that we cry or can’t breathe!

I love these girls like sisters, HA! Really, I do love them. They are the ones I lean on, the ones that I share the most with, the ones that I can make fun of myself in front of, the ones that understand and if they don’t understand, they will tell me. We are very blessed to have each other and I hope nothing ever takes our relationships away. They are a great support system!

**Not actual pictures from our lunch! Missed you Ang!

So, to sum it all up, I had a terrific holiday! It lived up to all the feelings of excitement and build up the few weeks before the day actually arrived! I love the holidays!

Hmmm, what else …. Oh, WAYLON IS WALKING! I haven’t been too crazy on pushing him to learn this skill very early. Mainly because he is growing up way too fast and I feel like his infancy was a flash. Since he is a year old now we have been working on this little by little for a couple of weeks and he hasn’t had a lot of tolerance for it. I was getting 4 to 5 steps out of him and then he was done. Then on Thanksgiving he decided that he was ready to get serious about this walking thing. I caught him out of the corner of my eye letting go of the table and walking to the couch and he expanded his limits each time.

He is now going crazy. He walked all the way across the living room last night and was so proud of himself. He got so excited near the end he was almost running. He learned how to stand from sitting on the ground also. So, it is a big game to him to stand up and try to take a step, but fall right away. He will do that all the way until he gets to his brother and pounces on him laughing all the way. Gosh he is getting so big. He is even losing his baby looks and getting a neck. Seeing these kids discover the things they are capable of and being proud of themselves is one of the best things to watch! It gets chaotic and hard from time to time, but it is little moments like this that make being a parent one of the best jobs in the world.

Speaking of laughing all the way, our Santa visit is just around the corner. My work is having Santa visit so the boys will be going there to see the big guy instead of the mall. I will share pictures once I have them.

I hope everyone had just as great of a holiday as I did!


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