Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update on Stress, AGAIN

I finally got my doctor appointment out of the way yesterday afternoon. They assured me I would be seen this time. I just have to say they are the nicest doctor's office I have been to. They know my name as soon as I walk in the door. They greet me cheerfully and sincerely. It is like no other doctor's office on this earth, that I am aware of. Anyway, I did get to see the doctor and know nothing else except for the fact that he thinks my inner workings are "beautiful". No signs of stroke or masses or anything at all. My blood work from the last drawing came back normal with no platelet issues. The questions I had for him were what am I suppose to do if this starts to happen again, what is causing my platelets to be high, what is causing the migraine and was it really a migraine that caused all of this, and what's the deal with my vision and speech when this happens.

He answered all of my questions. I feel ok about the news since my MRI and blood work all came back normal. But, it is just mind boggling that this vision issues starts without a headache and it affects my speech. He said that was normal with some migraines. I have heard this from a few other people so I guess I can believe it. We aren't looking into the platelet issue because they came back normal this last time. However, I have had platelet issues in the past now that I look back. He said that your platelets could rise when you are sick. I wasn't sick at the time, but extremely stressed by the time they drew my blood, so I guess I can buy that for now. If I start to get another in the future he prescribed me some Imitrex to be taken at onset. I can also take Ibuprofen. The good thing is that this is pretty much treatable without requiring dr intervention. He only wants to see me if I start having them much more frequently. Let's hope that doesn't happen. The other good news is that not every headache I get turns into a migraine and my normal migraine symptoms are much different than my headache symptoms so there is a clear distinction of what is going on at the time. No driving if one comes on, rest, Imitrex, and Ibuprofen are the game plan from now on.

He advised against smoking of course in the future, no problem and against oral contraceptives, uh hum, no problem. They both increase the risk for a stroke in women with migraines. I won't worry about increasing my chances anytime soon with those 2 things. As I know, my migraines and headaches are caused by the amount of stress I put on myself. It is really clear when I am stressed and it starts in my neck. I have done pretty well lately with handling all of my stress. Yes, I still get stressed out, but I don't let myself go crazy with it. It isn't worth it!

So, now you know as much as I know. Hopefully I won't have to write about this subject or give an update for a really, really long time! Hopefully I was able to offer you all a little knowledge too.

My company offers a Health Profile every year that tests for all kinds of things and makes sure your blood work is all looking good. It also tests cholesterol, which runs high in my family. I feel more comfortable now looking at those results and knowing when to question something. I believe that is right around the corner.

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