Monday, December 7, 2009

My name was called, finally!!!

I am one of those people who say they never win anything. I have recently retired from that category! Our company had our Holiday party last Friday night. I work for a great company that treats us pretty darn well. I am extremely thankful for that. They always have a ton of really, really great gifts at the party. Dale and I stuck around for the last drawing of the night. We both got to thinking that we didn't know why we stay late because we never win anything anyway! Not this year, baby! My name was called and I was the proud winner of a new 32" Sony Bravia 1080P LCD HDTV! Woo hoo! We were both pretty shocked and pretty excited!!!

Soon after we met my sister and her fiance because they were out celebrating their 4 year dating anniversary! Congratulations to my beautiful sister and her forever fiance, Chad :)! I love them both to death!

We then called it a night. It was late. We haven't been out that late in such a long time. We had a great time. No fighting over traffic, or which garage to park in, or which parking spot to take, or complaining that we are missing something at home. That is usually what the holiday party consists of or any time we go out for that matter. I don't know why but Dale and I sure can argue about the dumbest stuff just for the sake of arguing, but not Friday night. We got along like a happily married couple. I mean we are happily married, but that isn't really a side others see a lot. We poke fun at each other, argue, call each other names, mumble about each other. I don't know why we do all of this. Maybe because we think people get a kick out of it and we aren't hurting each other, so why not. Maybe it's just that we are completely immature! I don't know. But, Friday, Friday was nice. I felt like an adult who clearly wasn't afraid to show how much she loves her husband in person and proudly introduce him to people I work with everyday.

He's a great man and I don't tell him that nearly enough. He even folded every little piece of laundry we had in our house on Sunday. That was 2 loads of the boy's clothes, 2 loads of mine and then he did his own on top of that AND put it away. What a guy! I am really thankful for him and I don't brag on him nearly enough especially since The Dubs joined the household.

All in all, I felt like such a winner this weekend!

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