Friday, December 4, 2009

A prayer request

There is nothing life threatening here, but I'm going to ask those of you out there who read this to add Dale to your prayer list. Here's the story:

Back in March or April (?) there was an Alumni Basketball tournament for our High School. This is something he looks forward to every year. I think mainly because he is so competitive. He is always in great shape. He runs and works out year round. Well, his 1st game got under way and he actually sat on the bench and let someone else start. He quickly was called into the game by some tired old guy. I looked down to do something with Wyatt and when I looked back up he was hobbling his way back to the bench. My immediate thought was man, he must really be hurt to actually come out of the game like that. He went up for a rebound and when he came down he heard and felt a pop in his knee. He didn't play the rest of the game. I think he was in there a total of about 4 seconds. We hung around the gym for awhile, I think he was trying to figure out what to do and if it was as bad as it was feeling. We ended up going to the ER that night where it was confirmed that he blew out his knee (tore his ACL and meniscus).

He immediately started rehab to build his muscles up for surgery. He had his surgery right before Wyatt's birthday in May. He has been rehabbing ever since. He was just cleared to do all physical activity and has started his running routine again, but his knee started hurting again pretty bad. He went back to the dr to see if there was something wrong. The dr thinks he just started too heavy to fast. That was a couple of weeks ago. He has rested it, but it is still hurting him. This is beyond frustrating to him. He is use to being very active and this has put a damper on his moods. I just ask that you keep him in mind. Thanks!

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