Friday, November 20, 2009

Waylon's got hives

So, you know a couple of posts ago I mentioned that we were headed to Iowa to visit some friends and I said, "Be thinking about us and praying that no one turns up sick"? Well, I guess someone is praying, but we had a close call. I got Waylon out of bed Thursday morning for Lisa's (the babysitter) and he had huge, HUGE whelps on his legs. One on his thigh, I swear, was the size of a softball. Yes, he's got BIG thighs! There was also whelps on his calves on both legs, on his arms, and a small one on his left (face) cheek. This completely freaked me out. They looked awful. He wasn't running a fever, he didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I could think of was fabric softener. This kid has NEVER had any type of skin issues or showed any kind of an allergy to anything unlike his big bro. But, the only thing that was different lately was the fabric softener. I washed some blankets and threw some of his jammies in there because they were left over and I needed to get them washed. I guess that is what did it. So weird! These hives jumped throughout the day all over his body. Once they cleared, thanks to some Benedryl, they came back on his knees and elbows. Those cleared on their own, but then he got a spot on his left cheek (face) again, which cleared and then he had a spot on his right (face) cheek when he got home. I gave him another dose of Benedryl before bath time and they were on both of his butt cheeks when I took his diaper off for bath time. His clothes obviously don't touch his cute little booty when his diaper is on, so that one threw me off. I hope that is all it is from! I tell ya, these kids really keep you on your toes.

I had a huge day of meetings at work, which I was late to because of this whole episode, I couldn't get a hold of the doctor and I was worried about him all day! I was struggling with the fact that I couldn't be there with him to make him feel better and to figure this thing out. I had to be at work for meeting after meeting and didn't have 2 seconds to check my phone for any updates from Lisa. (or get any water, or pee, but that's another story) I will post about this some other time, but sometimes I really struggle with being a working mom especially on days like this. It is like ripping my heart out when I have to choose work or my own child. I know it isn't that severe of a case, I mean, he didn't have some high temperature or vomiting or anything like that, but still! Don't get me wrong, I am COMPLETELY thankful that I have a great job when so many others don't and COMPLETELY thankful for the arrangements in my life right now. More on this topic later.

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