Monday, November 23, 2009

Home sweet home

We made our trip to Iowa to celebrate a friend of ours little boy's 3rd birthday. Wyatt couldn't stop asking all day on Saturday if we were ready to go. Finally we got the car packed and we were off. We had some minor difficulty that goes along with every get away it seems, but nothing that would ruin our time. We made it up to eat some dinner and have a little time with the kids. Wyatt and Lew Lew (little Lewis) played exceptionally well together, which is a 1st. When we made a trip to Canton, OK last summer, that was not the case. As they are growing up, they seem to like each other a bit better. Or maybe they both take after their daddies and think they have to bicker about everything. Dale and big Lew always find something to bicker about when we get together and the same holds true for their boys. Wyatt was so good Saturday night and most of the time Sunday until we ran out of quarters for the games at the birthday party. That pretty much ruined his mood.

Waylon wasn't in the best of moods himself. He is usually such a laid back kind of guy, but he was a little more high maintenance this weekend. His hives cleared up, but the dr wanted to see him anyway, so we went Friday afternoon. I am pretty sure that is where Waylon picked up a little cold, at least I am hoping that is the extent of it. He started coughing pretty good on our way home yesterday. That is so frustrating that he was perfectly healthy, but the dr wanted to risk bringing him into an infected dr's office anyway. I think I will push back a little the next time if there is a similar situation. Sometimes a consult over the phone will do the trick, not a $20 co-pay and exposure to whatever is in that office!

Anyway - pictures soon to follow. I forgot my camera today and I just realized that I don't think I got any pictures of little Landyn! How could I!

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