Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As I have mentioned, I love the holidays. I am so looking forward to spending time with my family. We have decided that we will do Dale's side on Thursday and my parents will do theirs on Friday. That is such a relief. No rushing around from place to place and I will get to eat as much as I can/want at either place, not having to worry about being too full for the next dinner. WOO HOO! Unfortunately, me and shorty (Waylon) aren't feeling too well. I am thinking it is allergy stuff again because nothing is indicating infection. (I'm saving you from horrible detail - you know what infection looks like) I feel so tired though and so annoyed by this runny nose, so I'm sure Waylon is feeling the same way only he has teething to throw in the mix.

He has 2 top teeth now and it looks like he is going to follow the Sharp's side with a gap between the front two top ones. He has a 3rd top one really close and still working on that nasty looking 4th bottom one. They are sore to the touch, so add runny nose, a cough, and being tired on top of that, he is really not that happy of a camper right now. He is still sleeping like a trooper though!

His new thing he loves to do is throw things in the trash. That is irritating to me! "Has anyone seen the binki".... "check the trash", "has anyone seen that piece to this toy?" .... "check the trash", "has anyone seen my cell phone, nose sucker, keys?" ... "check the trash!" Actually it hasn't been that bad mainly because he can't get everything in there with having to open the lid, hold it up and get his items in there takes a lot of work and concentration. That and he is starting to respond a lot better to no. THANK GOODNESS!

So, sorry about the diversion, I am hoping that this cold/allergy thing passes fairly quickly and we can all enjoy our time together! Plus I get an extra bonus on Saturday, lunch with my high school friends! Love them! We are due for some much needed girl catch up time! Pictures to come soon!

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