Monday, November 16, 2009

Random stuff

I can't remember the last time Dale and I stayed up until 2 in the morning just talking. Man, that feels good. We haven't done that since we were probably in college mainly because I have this little thing I like to call sleep. And it seems that the boys don't care when I went to bed in regards to when they wake up. So, I tend to prepare by going to bed at a decent hour. But, they actually gave me some time to talk to their daddy and to get sleep. Aren't they sweet. Anyway, we talked about a lot of stuff. What we love about our friends, little tid bits about The Dubs, what is going on at his work, what I do at mine : )!

While life was going on it seems that Dale and I never talked about what I do at my job. It is pretty complicated and hard to explain to an "outsider". I am really big on not taking my work home with me and try to stick to that as much as possible. I don't have a hard job that is so completely stressful with bad bosses and all. I have a great job and I have great bosses and good people that work around me. But still, I don't bring it home with me. And I tell Dale little if anything at all that is happening other than if I had a good day or not. I am constantly "on" here at work. I never feel like I hit the pause button or off button for that matter when I am here. When I get home, actually when I am driving home, I try to unwind and hit the stop button because once I get home, a new movie starts up and I am "on" in a completely different way leaving the work scene behind like it is a different life.

That got me thinking about why I seem/feel so stressed out all the time. It's not that I am stressed, it is just that I am always "on". Everyone needs a little "off" time. For me, that is getting to sit on my couch, turn my brain off and relax. I usually like to watch t.v. or do something that I don't have to think about. Problem is, that only happens once in a great while and it is nowhere near long enough. My battery only charges for about 10 minutes when it needs a whole complete hour. Which also makes me think that when I am on all the time, I'm not giving 100% because you know, I only have 2 bars instead of 3. (I switched from a movie reference to a cell phone reference, come on, keep up) So, what conclusion I came to is that I need to fully recharge my battery so that I can live like I am fully charged except for you know when I am "off". So, my obstacle now is to find more time where I am "off". I don't mean where I'm not with my family because I could be fully off with 2 boys in my lap snuggling and be completely happy with that!

Since I have started eating breakfast in the morning, that has given me 10 minutes in a completely quiet and dark house and I don't have to do anything for anyone else. I am really "off". It doesn't require much thinking to open my mouth and chew. I will find these times, little by little. That's my goal. If I am aways running at 1/2 charged and not paying attention to how my body is dealing with that, I just might hit a wall again, or someone will get sprayed in the face with air freshener, or fall out of a high chair, or fall down 4 concrete steps on their face, something like that.

That is totally not where I planned to go with this post, but that's what happened. Dale and I had a great weekend with the boys (The Dubs). There was nothing planned. We just hung out around the house, got some things done, visited our family like any other normal Sunday, but just had a great time with each other, together.

Wyatt did great at my mom and dad's and I need to give him credit for that. We had a talk about it and I think he understood. I came to the conclusion that he was jealous. He was THE THING in mom and dad's world before Waylon and Will came along. Nothing could top him in my parent's eyes. He was their 1st and only grandson, who could blame them for treating him that way. But then the other boys came along and now they are treated just like Wyatt is and he isn't use to sharing them in that way. It is hard for him, but we are working on it - all of us. And the 1st go at it, I think we can call that a success.

I'm going to stop there for today. Soon I will post some random pictures to go along with some of my random thoughts captured here. We have a trip planned to Iowa coming up. We are going to visit a friend and celebrate their little boys 3rd birthday. Plus I will get some newborn baby boy time in with their newest little guy. Go ahead and bring the baby fever back on. I thought I got rid of that : )! Be thinking about us and praying that no one turns up sick!

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