Friday, November 13, 2009

Another update on STRESS

I know I said I would update here with any news I received from my last dr's appointment, which was Wednesday. I haven't, but I have a good reason. I have no new news. I sat in the dr's office for an hour and a half and never saw the dr. I had to leave to get the Dubs. Everyone sincerely apologized. I guess there was some kind of emergency earlier in the day and the doc was backed up. So, I don't know when my next appointment will be. Still just trying to figure out what is up with this platelet deal and what to do if I start getting another migraine.

In the mean time I am doing a pretty good job of managing my stress and paying attention to what is triggering it. Hopefully I can avoid having any more just by paying attention to my body and taking care of myself.

I always said, except for when I was pregnant, that I didn't have time for breakfast. Turns out I do. I haven't been getting up any earlier and have been eating breakfast and haven't been late. I guess I can do that! I have noticed a difference. Plus I am way less tempted to hit the Dub's candy bowl from Halloween. I said "way less" not at all!!! Just thought I would clarify. I have also been paying attention to food labels. Do you know how much sodium is in EVERYTHING! Geez! I'm sure you do, but I never paid attention to that kind of stuff.

Speaking of the Dubs... Wyatt was extremely sweet to Waylon last night. We all had a good time playing on the bed last night before bed. I love to hear them laugh like that!
Waylon had a tooth pop through on the top. Only 2 more that are extremely close to go. He is currently going through some separation anxiety issues. Seriously, him hanging onto my pant leg while I cook dinner just doesn't cut it for him right now.
And Wyatt.... last night Wyatt turned to me and whispered, "You are beautiful!" How stinkin sweet is that. Melts my heart. Thank you God for healthy, happy, beautiful children!

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