Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Haircuts and other stuff

Wyatt got his hair cut on Sunday. My camera was out in the car so I didn't get any good before pictures of how long his hair was. Waylon got his cut last night. He is just a year old, but has had about 4 or 5 hair cuts already, 2 professionally. This kid can grow some hair! Here is his before picture, which wasn't meant to be a before picture, but was really the deciding factor that I needed to get his hair cut. He has looked like Rod Stewart all week and I couldn't stand the poof anymore! Thanks, Wyatt for taking the picture so I could see how poofy it really was!
And here he is after. It is amazing how much bigger a hair cut can make him look! he looks like such a big boy! He did a great job sitting still while daddy buzzed it.
This picture started out really cute and sweet, but by the time it actually took they ended up like this. You know how Waylon is a huge fan of cuddliness!!! Pretty sure he would say "GET OFF OF ME" if he could say those words!

Playing in a no no spot. It really doesn't help that I take their picture in the middle of doing something they shouldn't be, I know!

But they are just so dang cute! Wyatt would use Waylon's hammer on the table and Waylon would use his hand and do everything Wyatt just did. It was pretty sweet. And yes, those jammies are too small for Wyatt but he insists on wearing his dinosaur jammies like Waylon's.

Can't forget this guy! He has been doing pretty good lately.

Here are some pictures from the other night. He was being silly!

He is starting to use this little cubby hole more and more.

Dale has cleared a spot in the woods where him and Wyatt go and burn boxes and leaves and stuff. Wyatt loves to go "burn wood". He thinks he is a big help. Usually he is! A couple of weekends ago when it was extremely nice out, we all went down together.
He is so stinkin handsome!

Me and my sweet, sweet boys!

There he is with his hat on backwards helping daddy out.

Throwing a stick on the fire.

So proud of himself!

I am pretty sure this was the same day or the night before when we went out to get something to eat. This is what Waylon insists on doing now in his car seat. If he can pull the shoes and socks off, he will! He will be getting a new car seat soon, hopefully this weekend.

There is my big guy again! I was thinking the other day that he is already 31/2. Time is going by WAY too quickly!

Geez, I thought I was done, but have to add these as well. Waylon got a Handy Manny ball pit for his birthday which came with a blow up tool belt and 3 blow up tools. They are too cute.

Here is our little carpenter:

Love that chubby little guy!

He has got the cutest little butt!

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