Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why I follow the blogs I do

You know the ones - over there...

Most of the blogs I follow, I have never met the authors. But, they have been an inspiration to me in one way or another. These blogs have helped me put life into perspective and praise God for every moment of it. Here's why:

MckMama - this lady is amazing. She cooks, takes terrific photographs, has beautiful children, her house is always clean when she shows pictures of her blog, she's a christian, she home schools her children -4 by the way all under age 4, works hard for many causes, and has great style. I wish I could do all the things she does. Her son has SVT and shares the exact same birthday with Waylon. I love following her blog and praying for her family.

The Joneses - This is Lindsay and Jeremy and their son Ayden. I came about her blog by Jonah's, I will tell you about him later. Their story absolutely breaks my heart. I have cried quite a few days after reading her posts. They lost their son to SIDS last month when he was 4 months old. Ayden is a beautiful baby boy and my heart truly aches for them. She has described grief and some of the things I felt when we experienced our miscarriage far more than anyone ever could. She is a strong Christian women and has taught me so much about myself and my feelings. They are experiencing the pain that most parents fear the most. If you have a second check out her beautiful boy and lift her up in prayer.

Williams family blog - This is Jonah. He has a rare skin disorder, EB, check out his momma's page if you want to know more. She has an amazing light about her. She also lost her 1st son, Gabe. She has a strength that I can't explain. Jonah and Gabe seem to be extremely blessed to have her as a mother. I think having a "normal" baby is a lot of work sometimes, but she has to deal with daily skin issues and struggles that go far beyond that and she holds up and I just don't understand how. Jonah is beautiful. He takes some of the funniest pictures with his eyes wide open. I love that she doesn't hold back showing him to the world because there is absolutely nothing she should be hiding with that beautiful child! Please pray for this disorder, there is no cure at this time and his condition doesn't fit nicely into any of the boxes for the disorder.

Moriah - I am really new to this blog. This little girl and her family have been in the hospital for almost a year struggling with Moriah's heart condition. I still don't have the full story yet, but I continue to pray for their situation.

The Witko's - again, I don't know this women, I came across her blog from Katie's, someone that I went to college with and mentioned below. She has had an amazing journey lately trying to start a family. She found out that she would not be able to have her own baby because of some of her issues with her womanly system. Long story short, she is pregnant now due to a procedure which she documented on her page. She has an amazing smile and attitude.

Ty - Sarah, Ty's mom was one of my best friends from college. I get Ty updates from her blog and get to have some kind of connection with Ty as he grows since they no longer live close. He is an adorable boy!

4 Men and Me - This is Katie's blog who I mentioned above on the Witko description. She has a little guy named Carter who is about 6 months younger than Wyatt and then she got pregnant with identical twin boys - all natural. I love to see the chaos of their lives - having 3 YOUNG boys in the home. I love it! Plus, they are pretty cute and their personality screams through the pictures at you, or at least what I think their personality would be like, I have never met the boys in person.

The Yoder's - These are college friends as well. Brandon was an usher at our wedding. They have a little girl, Peyton, with red hair and a smile to die for! So cute! This is pretty much our only way to keep up on each other.

Worth the Wait - Another set of college friends. Stacy and Kelly (Kelly is from the Yoder page) are sisters. Stacy is married to Jeremy who has a permanent place in many of our college dorm memories. He is a funny guy! Again, this is the only way we have to keep up with each other. Stacy's blog is really what got me hooked to blogs - thanks, Stacy!

Finally - Geez Baby. This is Dale's cousin, who is absolutely hilarious and I love her. She is on her own journey to have a baby and I pray that her dream will come true soon. She would be one fantastic mother!

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