Monday, October 26, 2009

This weekend

These are out of order, but oh well. This weekend was packed full of things to do. Saturday was a wedding and a baby shower and Sunday was my mom and dad's 32nd wedding anniversary dinner. My mom is still recuperating from her surgery (long story) but we still had a great time. Well, minus one of my children being deathly afraid of some Halloween decoration and not letting me eat with the family because he would not calm down and then pooping up his back and needing to be completely changed from head to toe on the kitchen floor while everyone else was trying to enjoy their dinner. And my other child ending a long streak of being sweet and kind to everyone with being rude and hateful all of the sudden.

Nae Nae and Pa Pa with their boys

The whole crew minus Chad - we missed you Chadica

This is what family pictures amount to these days... chaos!

Aunt T and my teething baby

There's a better face

Being a silly boyMom and dad's new toy for the boys

What a cutie! He LOVES this thing. He says "WOOO HOOO!" while riding.

Fish lips again...

Me, Waylon, my dad and Wyatt. Waylon loved it as well even though it doesn't show. It was sprinkling and Waylon still loved it. Yes, I am wearing Waylon's hat. He wouldn't keep it on his head and I needed one.
Wyatt isn't in a lot of the pictures anymore because he takes a lot of them. He was a little photographer at the baby shower (reason for the toddler size views). Everyone got a kick out of that. He got a little rushed so I've got plenty of pictures of people with their heads cut off. We need to work on accuracy. Here is my high school friend, Victor.
One of my great friends, Shelly and Cherryh's mom, Cheryl and Annie, Shelly's baby girl. Cheryl and her husband, Doug haven't changed a bit. We had many a slumber party hosted by this lady! Oh, it was Cherryh's baby shower, which we do not have a picture of. I think she was opening presents when the photo shoot happened.

My other good friend, Amanda and Annie again! What a cutie.

Waylon and Annie - these 2 are pretty special to us! They are about 8 weeks apart. Waylon actually gave Annie a kiss. He doesn't usually do kisses. I couldn't get my camera fast enough and it ruined the mood. But don't they look great together not smiling and all.

Sorry no wedding pictures. It was Dale's cousin's wedding and he had to go solo. Next up..... the big guy's 1st birthday party - stay tuned for some great Halloween/Birthday party photos!!!

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