Monday, October 26, 2009

I don't usually participate in Not Me Monday's (if you are unfamiliar go to MckMama's blog) but I couldn't resist this time.

My 3 year old certainly did not come to our room while we were certainly still not in bed and tell me that the f***ing (he certainly did not say the entire word) tv didn't work. I did not put my head under the covers and bite my lip so he wouldn't hear me laughing. My kid word never say a word like that. And I most definitely would have punished him right away if that were to ever happen and would not of had to compose myself before I could speak.

I am completely prepared for Waylon's 1st birthday this week - gift and all. We don't wait until the last minute to buy gifts for people around our house. Especially when the occasion is HUGE!

Being the great mom I am, I already bought the boys pumpkins and have let them carve them. I am always in the spirit of things and let my children go wild with creativity.

I also don't let me 3 year old go crazy with my camera and capture pictures like this, which does not lead us to call our 1 year old fish lips

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