Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last night was one of those nights...

If you don't know, I work full time and my drive is about 45 minutes each way. I like my job. When Wyatt was born I did everything I could to try to stay home or work part time. It just didn't work out for us. My job has been great to me. They let me work from home a couple days of the week for quite awhile. That was huge and I was so grateful, but that needed to come to an end because of business decisions. So, I have been working full time in the office everyday. As you can see from previous posts, sometimes that gets stressful. I have days where I miss my boys beyond belief and can't wait to get home to them. Sometimes the urge is really strong. Last night was one of those nights.

I finally got home to pick them up and I was greeted at the babysitters with Wyatt screaming my name with such excitement! Geez, that's the best! He jumped into my arms and gave me the best hug. Exactly what I had been dying to have! It seemed like it was going to be a great night.

I don't know what happened. As soon as we pulled into the drive way, that sweet little boy popped some horns! For the next 2 hours it was one thing after the other and then on and off throughout the night. These are the nights I struggle the most. I use to think I was a good mom and had things under control. Turns out, I am a great mom to babies, toddlers - I need some work! I just don't understand why I feel like I am struggling so much. Why I let him get the best of my frustration. I try timeouts, sending him to his room, taking things away, and even spankings at times. I hate yelling, HATE IT! Some nights I feel like that is all I do or everything out of my mouth starts with "Don't" or "I said" or "NO". Anyone with any advice, I would love to hear it for some "just got home from work/babysitter transition time." Maybe some nights are just bad. We are all human, right??? Even if you don't have advice, maybe you could just make me feel better and let me know I'm not alone.

I love my boys more than anything and I want to make the MOST out of each second we have together. Any help????


  1. You are not alone! Ha! :-) Seems like if I ever seem to get on top of the newest phase, a new one starts. I believe in consistency but the punishment has to fit the crime too. Disciplining has so not been simple. I believe in spankings but I also really love the 'Love and Logic' philosophy. It helped to stop the 'I just want them to mind me immediately every time' philosophy and move onto teaching and building them up when I discipline. I too am so tired of the nonstop negativity of 'no, don't, no, don't, stop it!' And I HATE screaming. Like I said you're not alone :-)

  2. Oh, T!!! I know I'm late to your blog but I'm catching up. I couldn't help but comment on this one. You are a wonderful Mommy. WE ALL HAVE THOSE NIGHTS!!! Boys will be boys, they have to test us. We find consistency to be the key and some nights I feel like we've had 100 timeouts. But the next night he doesn't do it. It's a process!!! Stick to it!



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