Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is the day...

This is the day that God physically delivered our beautiful, HEALTHY, perfect baby boy into our lives. I am so thankful for him and he has brought such a light to our lives. You can go visit his birth story here. I will never forgot the sigh of relief when he was put on my chest. What a handsome baby boy he is. We are so proud of him. He might be the little brother, but he is one we won't have to worry about sticking up for himself. This guy is a bruiser! He is persistent as well. He won't be one to give up on anything easily. I have recently given you an update on what he is up to here, but I will fill in some gaps.

He still doesn't like cuddling, kissing or hugging much, but I did get one good day where he couldn't give me enough wet kisses the 1st time I asked, amazing!

He isn't walking yet, but has taken a couple of steps on his own - I'm not pushing it!

He climbs EVERYWHERE. That includes the fireplace - this is where the persistency comes in! No matter how many times I pull him away, or try to distract him, or tell him no, he goes for it and then climbs onto the chair next to the fireplace. Only problem is, he hasn't figured out a way to get down yet.

He barks, whistles, repeats every sound he hears, claps, fake laughs, fake coughs, grunts, blows on his food - that was a new one from last night, pretty good in my opinion.

He's off the bottle and has been for a few weeks now. Also off of formula. That was much easier than I thought it would be.

Goes a really good portion of the day without his bink. Some nights he doesn't use it at all until bed time.

Has 3 teeth and 2 or 3 for sure trying to work their way through.


That is all for now! You know you will get picture updates soon, so be patient!


Happy Birthday to Stellan too and please continue to pray - still not doing well.

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