Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update to my STRESS post...

I just returned from the Neurologist. Everything is still pointing to the fact that I had a migraine. What isn't clear is that I had a low white blood cell count and high platelets when I was in the ER. Low while blood cell count usually means an infection of some kind. That has yet to show it's face and none of my other tests showed any signs of infection. The platelet count is another mystery. A normal platelet count is somewhere between 90 and 300 for a young, healthy, nonsmoking person. Mine was 404. That would be a normal count if I was a heavy smoker. I am not a smoker at all. Hadn't even been around smoke that day. So, there is something there. I will have an MRI soon to see if there isn't some underlying condition that we are missing. I also have a number of other tests they scheduled me for.

I don't know what all this means or what it could mean, but it scares me a little bit. I have a family history of early heart disease. My grandma (dad's mom) had a massive heart attack when she was 42 years old. My uncle died of a massive heart attack in his early 50's and my dad had stints put in well before his 50th birthday and is on medication to this day.

What I am hoping is that this is all pointing back to stress, because if I learn correctly, stress is something that I should be able to control instead of it controlling me. I will keep you posted on any results I find out. In the mean time, could you keep me in your prayers? And while I am asking for prayer, please remember Stellan. He is heavy on my mind right now and I am hoping the best for him.

On a different note - I woke Waylon up this morning with a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE" which led to the biggest and best smile ever! I still am in disbelief about how fast this year has gone. I am so thankful for him and so thankful that I get to wish my baby happy birthday in the comfort of our own home and not in a hospital bed fighting some horrendous heart condition. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE too, Stellan.

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