Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching up...

Here is an extremely long post of pics to catch you all up...
Dale reading Jack and the Bean Stalk before bed... Not sure if many of you know, but Dale blew his knee out playing basketball. The blue thing on his leg is his ice pump.
More from Jake and the Bean Stalk...

Wild man

Here is poor Wyatt with about 104 degree temperature. He had strep throat a few weeks ago. We had to keep giving Tylenol and Motrin and his fever would go way down and he would feel great, but once it wore off he looked a lot like this...

He still managed to have a good time with his bro

This is just too cute

Peek - a - boo

He USE to sleep a lot

Here is what Waylon thinks of summer and the pool

Still not a fan in the smaller pool, but he lasted long enough for a quick pic

Passed out on Nae Nae in the swing

My brother and sister and nephew Will on Father's day

My big boy Wyatt getting ready for the new peddle boat

He likes this thing a lot

This is the 1st and probably the only time I will see this man doing this...

Waylon's version of dinner

Wyatt is potty trained!!!!! This is one of the 1st times he had an accident free day! We took a pic to celebrate.

Swinging at the park. He goes way too fast and high for me to get any good pictures of him anymore.

Waylon in the swing. I just really like this picture for some reason.

Look at that face!

Shooting fireworks off with Daddy

Waylon's view
Waylon's conversation face.

Still in heavy drooling conversation here

This is how Wyatt spent 4th of July

And how Waylon did

Long story short, my mom and dad hit a deer on their motorcycle and mom had to have several surgeries on her broken leg. Here Wyatt is loving her hospital bed and enjoying time with his Nae Nae.

Here is Waylon enjoying his time with Nae Nae by eating ALL of her mashed potatoes and most of her Sherbert.

This face is followed by him saying Mama!

Almost crawling!

We were only headed up the road to grandmas....

At the Lawson picnic - can't chew enough

He got his brother and is proud of it

Wyatt's bear he got at a restaurant we are NEVER eating at again!

My cousins and Wyatt on the peddle boat. My aunt Chillone showing Waylon what they are doing.
The boys having dinner on the day Mom and Dad came home from the hospital. Thank goodness!

That's all for now!

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