Monday, June 8, 2009

Wyatt's Birthday

The pictures are in reverse order and small, sorry! There are too many to fix! If you want to see any bigger, leave me a message and I will repost them.
Wyatt turned 3 on the 31st. I can't believe it! He is such a big boy!!! Here are a few pictures from then. Craig and Celinda joined us for the big party and we were so glad they did! They helped tremendously and we had a great time. Wyatt still talks about Celinda (Cyinda). He loves her. Love you guys!!!!
Here is Wyatt and his birthday desert at Chili's. He is clapping here because we just sang him Happy Birthday. I don't think I have ever seen him with a bigger smile!!!! Thanks, Celinda for catching that one!

Waylon enjoyed the lemon. He was a huge fan!

Here is Wyatt and his corn on the cob, which he love, love, loves!!!!
More lemon - again, Celinda, thank you for catching that face!

And more lemon - my arm was getting tired!
Nice moves Craig. This is Wyatt and Craig playing in the sprinkler.

Being 3 is pretty tiring!!!
Craig and Wyatt playing baseball. Craig has ALWAYS got to be coaching something!
Waylon's first time on the organ. This is one of Wyatt's favorite things to do and now Waylon is joining in on the fun. Wyatt is allowing it, thank goodness!

Birthday party pictures from the BIG day! This is his golf swing. I had to get him clubs because he was using a fly swatter and some random ball. This is the most athletic, sport loving kid I know! I swear we never trained him on any of this stuff. He just naturally picks it up.
Everyone asked him what he wanted for his birthday and the answer was always, "A baseball, a football and a basketball." Well, he has a billion of each of those things. So, it wasn't hard to find a theme for the party and everyone caught on without announcing it.

Throwing something.
More presents!
Hi Will!!! He was having some cake!
Wyatt, on the other hand, was having some icing. He didn't eat ANY cake!
Singing Happy Birthday. It was hard for me to make it through this one. Got a little choked up!

The cake and presents....
My chunkie monkey!
In the pool with cousins Michael and AJ! He has so much fun with these boys!

Down the big slide!

Waylon hanging out in the ball pit.

My big, little boy!
Big brother and little brother. My sister got these shirts mixed up at one time and Wyatt was wearing Waylon's and IT FIT!!!!
This is how he tells you how old he is.
The birthday boy!
Will playing with the boys before the party began.
Doesn't he look like he is really saying it!!! I love this kid!
Sharing the baseball.
Saturday morning play time while mommy has 2 seconds to clean the kitchen.
At Nae Nae's for her Birthday.
So handsome - both of them!
Yes, Wyatt caught it!
His 1st hot dog roasting and he did a really good job. Damen is the grandson of Mom and Dad's best friend Jay from their high school days and beyond.
My now blonde baby boy!
Wyatt and Waylon at McDonald's during Dale's track meet. I think they are looking at Dale for some reason.

Did I mention this kid was CUTE????!!!!!!

Nae Nae and the cutie again!

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