Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Vacation 09 and some pictures around the house

We went to Canton this year for our annual vacation. Lewis, Little Lew, Wyatt, Waylon, Me and Dale piled in the Tahoe and headed for Craig and Celinda's. The car trip went quite well with a 8 1/2 month old, a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 year old! We had a great time minus a couple snags, but that is what makes vacation so memorable, right!!!
This is actually after vacation - he was a little worn out!
Here is one snag. His poor face. He met some concrete steps in Oklahoma City with his face. Needless to say, it took quite a bit to calm him down! His forehead took the brunt of the fall. Thankfully no broken skin and all teeth are present.
Right after the incident.
Here is Waylon hanging out while we were trying to calm Wyatt down. I don't think I could ask for a better baby! He was a dream the entire vacation!
The steps at the bottom right hand corner is where he had his accident. He fell down the bottom 4, not the entire stair case. This picture just happened to be taken WAY before the fall.
Lew Dog
The adorable C's!
The handsome boys in my life!
My dream baby!
Bricktown, OK City
Wyatt was a little shy with his swing here. He really does have awesome form.
Dale's comment, "PFFF"
The Sharp Family!
Craig lost a finger to this beast ... just kidding!
Waylon still had NO fear! We are going to have our hands full by this time next year. He goes after EVERYTHING!
We stopped at a really awesome ranch on the way to OK City to see the Clydesdale's.
What are Clydesdale's without a Dalmatian?
Ethan, Luke, Wyatt and Little Lew (Lew Lew as Wyatt called him) and Baby girl. Yes the boys have life jackets on while playing in the sprinkler. I have no idea why, but they insisted. Safety first!
Hey Dad!
Craig with the nephews. The newest Preston was hanging out with mommy being a perfect little boy.
Canton Lake beach. Believe it or not Waylon changed his mind about summer. Thank goodness! He LOVED the lake; sand, water and all.
So cute.
It was pretty disgusting washing his face off with lake water, but he just got a handful of sand and we were trying to get the rest off of his face.
The first night we got there, there was a big thunderstorm. There was just a huge bolt of lightening and some LOUD thunder. They were checking to see how bad it was getting!
Our happy boy on the way home. Yes, he stayed this happy!
Ethan and Luke - so cute!
Little Lew and Wyatt on the beginning of our adventure
Playing around at home. Who needs toys??
This is what nap time usually looks like on the weekends. Waylon usually ends up passing out during the movie, but Wyatt is wide eyed for the whole thing while I do house work. As long as he gets SOME chill time!
This is usually what Waylon is doing when you hold him now days.
$4.46 - He's actually PRICELESS!
Wyatt's first attempt at taking pictures. Not too bad! I admit the background he used could have been better!
I don't know where they get those blue eyes!

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