Friday, April 26, 2013

Waylon's Day

Even with a day off mid-week this week has been crazy.  I had a big long pity party type of post I was going to post about how much I'm dealing with right now and how it's got my brain all out of whack, etc.  But, really?  I've asked for all of this.  I prayed about and I've daydreamed about days I'm living right now.  Who doesn't have bad days, bad weeks, months, even years?  Yes, I'm having a rough week where everything seems to be hitting the fan, but you know what?  These are the days that fuel my drive even further.  These are the days where I reach down and see how much I am really made of and how much stronger I can be because of them.  I'm, again, thankful for these days.  They make me realize what really matters and WHO has my back and Who is with me always.

Dale and I don't usually get special days together with just 1-1 time with each of the boys.  We know how special they are though and I'm really thankful for school field trips that allow us those opportunities. 

Wednesday Dale and I took Waylon to the Aquarium with his preschool.  I was so excited for this trip.  If my life would have gone in another direction and Dale and I never would have met, I fully believe I would be doing something around the ocean this very moment. I am fascinated by the sea. Love every mysterious bit of it.  I think that is often why I dream about my emotions being symbolized by the seas.

Anyway, we had a great time...

He wouldn't touch them.  I just realized I never did and I so wanted to.

This might be my favorite picture ever.  Wonder and awe are great things.  Keep dreaming, Nayners and find a way to live them.

Reunited with sting rays.  I swam with them my senior year in college and I'll never forget it.  So stinkin cool!

The sharks were Waylon's absolute favorite.

He spontaneously plugged his nose.  Hilarious guy! 

After the aquarium we grabbed a bite to eat (yes, I was good) then it was off to the park, which was too windy for me.  Plus, I'll have enough obstacle coursing tomorrow at the Warrior Dash.  

I almost peed myself laughing so hard.  Dale flew down the slide and at the bottom all I could hear was a rush of water.  So funny!  He was a good sport about it. 


I treasure getting 1-1 time with them like this.  It is nice to see more of their personalities when they aren't distracted with someone stealing something from them or too busy wanting what someone else has.  There wasn't one whiny tone until we stepped into the door at home.  A great day!

Onto a great weekend with family time tonight, track for Dale in the morning, Grandparents for the boys, and the Warrior Dash for me until we all meet up again for movies and popcorn (not for me) to call it a night.  And catching up Sunday with a long (my longest ever) run, "Maggot" time, church and dinner with Grandma, finishing the day with nothing but sunshine, warm weather and slowing down!!!

Make it a great one!


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  2. LOVE that picture of Waylon looking up at the aquarium all around him. He is filled with such wonder!

    Having one-on-one time with your kids is so special...and so hard to come by when you have three kids. You made great memories that you and he will always treasure. :)



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