Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food I Eat, Plans to Use This Passion of Mine, and MORE

Today is a day I want to be cuddled up on my couch in the dark, watching tv or movies all day with a soft blanket and absolutely nothing to do and eating whatever I want to eat with absolutely no guilt. Days like that go by way too fast. A nap, oh how glorious a nap would be.

Life goes on. I’m at work plugging away and later I will be at the gym lifting away and sweating out my hair that takes too much of my morning.

I’ve read two inspiring things just this morning that spoke to the deepest and warmest part of my heart. If you get a chance, google She Reads Truth – community testimony Johanna Price. Prepare to be lifted up and blown away. Beautiful words. God has opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart to inspiring women and being inspired. I have such a passion for encouraging others right now (men too). An even bigger passion than living my own healthy lifestyle. You are completely worth it ladies, no matter your past, what you did 5 minutes ago, or last night, or anytime in a moment of weakness, YOU are completely worth being your best and you can start right now. It doesn’t have to be a Monday, a Sunday, January 1st, or any 1st of the month. You can start now. Just take the first step and hold on to it. Say nope to those things that will turn you back. Those steps will take you places you never really dreamed once you start believing in yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT AND YOU CAN DO IT.

And, on Facebook Galit (love her) asked our opinions of a perfect date. I didn’t have time to read through her wildly popular list of responses, however I entered my own idea of a perfect date:

“A hot dress, smelling his cologne, seeing his ring on his finger, food, and just slowing down together.”

Perfection right there. Complete perfection. Our lives are a constant race from one morning to one night and onto the next. There are nights we barely get 2 words in that don’t involve commands, something about the boys or the dog, questions about the next day’s activities. It is all too rushed and hurried, so nights when I get my husband to myself and have time to transform into my sexiest self and take him in for all that he is are pretty dang special to me. We don’t need a fancy restaurant or an agenda that would romance a troll, just us and slowing down. It feeds my soul.

Speaking of feeding myself, I’ve gotten a few questions as far as what it is I am eating. I’ll try to make this short and sweet. If you have questions private message me, comment here or on Facebook. Whatever you prefer. Your question may be the same as others so if you feel like sharing please do so publicly. First, I really can’t thank Yahu enough for her encouragement and teaching she offered when I was really new at this. She was a tremendous help teaching me what to do and what not to do and holding me accountable. We did this on Facebook. She’s in Florida. I’m here in KC. You can find love and encouragement just about anywhere if you are open to it. There were also others on Facebook that were a huge help. I thank you all so much!

Breakfast –

1. Eggs usually with Quinoa and sometimes salsa. Sometimes with turkey breast and peppers and mushrooms.

2. Oatmeal if I am in a big hurry and didn’t fix eggs the night before.

3. If I’m in a huge hurry sometimes I will eat Kashi Go Lean cereal with Almond Milk – Vanilla

4. Sometimes a protein shake full of Kale, Spinach, protein powder – vanilla, mixed fruit – no sugar added, Chia Seeds, sometimes Steel cut oats, and Almond Milk

5. Or a protein shake with steel cut oats, banana and peanut butter, and Almond Milk

I rotate those as much as possible so I don’t get burnt out.

Lunch –

1. Turkey breast that I cooked and lean with peppers and mushrooms and usually quinoa, salad with vinaigrette, green beans (sometimes), about 3 strawberries

2. Chicken that I crockpotted for the week and broccoli or some other veggie and usually quinoa usually some kind of fruit

3. Tuna with some black beans, quinoa, green beans

Again, I rotate and most of the time I have ½ an avocado in there somewhere each day.

Snack –

1. Celery stick with peanut butter

2. Strawberries

3. Pistachios

4. Hummus with mini peppers or grape tomatoes, cucumber, or celery sometimes with wheat thins, but I’m trying not to eat much of those if at all.

I usually have a snack around 10am with some protein so I can see straight after my lunch hour training session and then again around 2:30ish.

Dinner –

1. More of the same from lunch. I cook my turkey breast or crockpot my chicken usually on Sundays for the week. Much easier. Also do this as much as I can with veggies. No carbs except if I have a small amount of black beans or quinoa.

2. If I need something sweet after dinner I will have a celery stick with a small amount of peanut butter. Peanut butter has been a lifesaver. I love peanut butter. It is so sweet and so filling. I try my hardest to keep my total amount of peanut butter for the day to 2 tablespoons. If I’m desperate for sweet I can take a small spoonful of peanut butter and eat it with nothing. Fills my craving. I know some might raise their eyebrow at that, but I feel like I need it or I will cave to something worse.

The diet has surely been the hardest part. Once you get the hang of how to throw things together it isn’t bad and my body doesn’t crave much of the bad stuff, but it is the fact that I CAN’T have the bad stuff. You all know how I get when someone tells me I CAN’T have something. It’s like a roaring challenge within me. So far so good. Fixing dinner for the boys and Dale is hard sometimes. I have to admit that I have taken a small bite of something I have fixed them, but it stops at one small bite and I’m not exaggerating. Dale can attest to that. I’ve been good and these last few weeks I plan to keep it that way. Dale took me to Olive Garden this weekend. The thought of not having those breadsticks and that cheesy lasagna was tough. I did really well and stuck to a tilapia and shrimp soup and salad, it was so good and I asked to have the very last tiny bite of Dale’s breadstick. Tiny, tiny bite. That was it. It was enough to satisfy me.

This is getting long, so I’m going to try to wrap it up.

Boys – they are good. Weston is asking to be potty trained and is doing well, but I’m not pushing him. I don’t want him to slide backwards and lose interest. Wyatt is doing much better in school and Waylon is still silly, silly Waylon. They have both started baseball and when we do get to have practice they both do well. Wyatt seems so big to me, but when I see him at that plate he still seems so small. Love those turds like mad even when they don’t listen to me and wipe their buggers on the walls. Hearing Weston say, “Where’s brudders” might be the cutest thing ever. And my Maggot (Maddox) still such a perfect addition to our family. We are giving him more and more freedom and he just loves it. He can’t be beside me and stand for me not to be touching him. I’m also keeping in touch with his previous owner and we hope to find a race we can do together and have Maddox join us. So cool!!! Beyond cool how God places people in your life and the timing of it all.

In other news, I’ve mentioned before about my want to give back and use my passion in a way where it glorifies God and can bring others to that point. I’ve talked to my pastor and his wife and we are going to start talking about maybe a Saturday session that we will open up to the community for exercise, tips on what to do at home, healthy eating, etc. Stay tuned if you are in my area. I can’t wait for this to take off. I hope we have a huge following and can spread the love to so many no matter what age or what physical condition. We want to make this for all levels. Look for updates and more info coming after the show. I feel like if I take that on now I would be spread way too thin and I want to give it attention it deserves. Thank you all so much for the love and encouragement. Really, thank you so, so much!

The photo contest starts tomorrow for a spread in INK Magazine for one WBFF athlete (WBFF athlete? That’s me – and no, it doesn’t seem real). I will need your likes and shares and tons of likes and shares from your friends, neighbors and stalkers. Like 5 Sharp Lives on Facebook for all updates pertaining to training and this crazy busy life of mine. Love you all for all that you keep burning in me and what you are taking from me and applying to yourselves! So proud of so many of you that have commented and sent messages from Instagram to Facebook to email. You all are awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!

And thanks so much to my sister and Stacy. Those girls… couldn’t do it without them! Mad love for them!


  1. Proud of you T! Not too wordy right now but just wanted to say I'm reading and really excited for you! Go go go girl!

  2. Love this. You bet that any day is your day to take. Yea for potty training.
    PS. I am in love with quinoa. LOVE. It's so expensive though.

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  4. Your abs and arms look amazing -- overall, you look so lean yet so healthy! I am so amazed by all your hard work. I could do the workouts but the diet would be hard for me. I eat pretty healthy but it doesn't seem that way when I compare my diet to yours!,



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