Saturday, September 1, 2012

Three. Two. One.

Three spots.

Two booster seats.

One convertible seat.

Three faces.

Two tired.

One wide awake.

After a summer of drought we are getting dumped on.  Daddy's first ever Cross Country race as a head coach. First race this school has ever participated in. We weren't missing it.

Four Dino rain boots.

Three staggers behind me.

Two Dino umbrellas and raincoats.

One lump in my throat.

The Boys of Fall playing on the radio.

Fog reforming on the windows.

Their faces in my rear view mirror.

My thoughts jump to their faces more slender. The toddler gone from their cheeks and lips. Their feet resting on the floorboard. The boosters gone from their rears. To the times when their fingers wrap around the ball and their hands tie their own cleats.

"You know why they are saying all those funny things, mom?  Because they love football. I love football and someday when I get big I will be a football player."

Watching the trees go by a smile gracing their lips and my heart skipping beats.

I worried about giving my me time up this morning. Trading my morning run for getting three boys up early on a Saturday morning to get decked out in their rain gear and hit the road. Grumpy and tired wanting to go back to sleep. The Dinos the only thing to brighten their moods and get them skipping out the door. "Am I crazy?"

I can't keep my boys sheltered inside just because of a little bit of rain especially on a 75 degree day. What is fear?  Why does it hold us back? Step out there and create memorable days.

Smile after smile. "Look at how cute they are!"  and even a "You are brave." I'm not brave for raising my children or crazy or anything else. I'm a mom with a responsibility to raise well rounded men. Ones that have strong fond memories and strong backbones and legs to stand on.

We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and movie watching.  There were hours with no whining, crying, or fighting. Another Saturday that was better than the last full of rain and wind and no me time.

Being a mom to these amazing boys growing far too quickly has been my most honored blessing.

Three boys. Two parents. One amazing life.

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