Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You do the math

1 $7 WalMart movie from 1990

+ 2 shovels to dig a hole

+ 1 pile of chat in the driveway surrounded by tires to make us look pretty white trash

+ 2 imaginative little boys who love to watch ridiculous movies

+ 1 grandma and 1 on observer

+ 1 late summer night

+ a gillion smiles


Countless good times with grandma.  A grandma that never judges them.  Who's always up for a game of whatever they would like to do.  A grandma that knows what enjoying her grandsons is all about.  One that wouldn't stop short of seeing one more toothy grin or hearing one more story about whatever fun thing is on their mind at the moment.  A grandma that is 100% grandma and lives to see their little lives play out.  A grandma that never complains.  That masters rolling over the whining to look for the next fun thing to do or sugary sweet treat to distract them with.  And a handful of boys that sparkle at the first sight of her.  Their favorite days based on when they get to spend time with her.  

These boys are blessed with some amazing grandparents on both sides of our family.  They adore them beyond words and live to count down the days until they get to see them next.  

But this one?  This one is for Grandma Linda.  Words can't express the joy you bring into their lives, into our lives.   I'm not really sure what we would ever do without all that you bring to this family. 

We love you!

Answer: Tremors - The boys are obsessed with Tremors and think that every hole in the ground is a Grabboid hole.  And sometimes they make grandma be the Grabboid.  That stinky scary thing speeding through the ground that plucks people down into the ground left and right. 

She is a far, far cry from your regular old Grabboid.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  2. This post oozes hilarity and happiness.
    Grandmas rock the house.



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