Monday, June 11, 2012

I hope I never forget

Walking up my drive way in the warm spring air with nothing but my house, my life in front of me and the world behind me and thinking that I love my life.

The different shades of green behind our house

The swing set and all the laughter it holds

The days that patience runs freely through my veins

The way Will looks up to Wyatt

When I smile they smile

Wyatt's spontaneous displays of affection

The love Wyatt shows for Connor

Waylon's issue with smelling my feet

Dale's smile

Warm wind in my hair

How Weston loves for us to chase him when he's doing something bad and how he turns with that smile on his face and that giggle that is the same every time

Watching the boys with their daddy

How you can tell how well Waylon likes something by his rating of good or goood oood

Flip flops

The smell of fresh cut grass and the stripes Dale puts in our lawn

The crazy resemblance Weston has in his personality of his late Grandpa Bill

How he stares at his old truck, walks around and examines it

Waylon singing Bad Boys, his favorite song, Ghost Busters or Twinkle Twinkle little star to distract his little brother or just making up songs in general

The conversations the boys have together sitting at the table

How they play dad & kid

When Waylon says actually

Having a close family that shares the love and pride we have for our boys

Feeling comfortable and challenged

Waking up with one of them beside me

Their imaginary play world with Jacob, their girlfriend Gracely, and sometimes Mary.

Their other imaginary world full of grabboids sometimes Jacob is in that world too

How they pray for things new and old

Wyatt's love for fishing

Watching them sleep

Looking forward

Toddler feet

How they show us how fast they run

The way Dale inappropriately makes me laugh

Movie nights

Wyatt's tball games and what a great hitter he is and his horrible form when he runs

Waylon's perfectly plump little body

The way Weston can't wait to get down the hall to point out every single picture that has daddy in it as he tries to climb out of my arms with his finger pointing in the air, a huge smile on his face, and sparkles in his eyes

Their cute little butts in cartoon underwear or boxer briefs

Weston's bowlegged walk

Reaching for new things

Their cowlicks, especially Wyatt's

Wyatt's freckles on his nose and cheeks

Holding their hands

The way Weston says Daddy, cracker, please, signs more, his surprisingly southern accent when he says bye and how he waves his arms

The little things that Dale does, which is actually "women's work" but he isn't afraid to do them anyway

How asking Weston if he wants to go see daddy gets him out of the car excitedly every single time

Sink baths

Weston's cheese face

Waylon's head - hair or little hair

The sunsets out the kitchen window or from the deck

The boys sleeping next to each other and sharing the DVD player

The way Wyatt still (at 6) says "skaplodded" for exploded

Waylon's love for tomatoes and fruit

The love they have for their grandparents

Kissing their smooth plump cheeks

How I feel right now - happy, blessed, full

Their teeth.  I love their perfectly spaced tiny teeth

The laughs in the bath even though the mess stresses me out

Weston's love for trash and flushing the toilet

Watching them grow

Their desire to have our attention

Their laughter - I hope I never ever forget their laughter


  1. oh gosh I love this post T! Love it!! Made me so happy. My fav: feeling comfortable but challenged. What a great place to be. And the imaginary world of kids. E used to have an imaginary friend named Sasha. I totally forgot about that until now. And Sam doesn't say actually but the girls did. So cute. S says "oh, by the way....." and then he'll say something like I love you.

  2. It truly is the little things that happen that form wonderful and cherished memories. I loved getting to read about yours.



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