Monday, May 14, 2012

He's A Graduate!

There are times when you are quiet and I wonder what you are thinking.

I smile.  You usually smile back and I can tell whether it was good or bad. 

There are times you are so excited you can't stand still and it is all I can do to try to find the response that will match yours and not break one ounce of your spirit. 

You are confident yet shy.  There are times when I think you are going to clam up but more times than not you respond to others so loving and sweet. 

That smile. 

I find myself staring at your profile from time to time.  Thinking about how much you have grown.  How handsome you are. 

How perfectly made you were.  Your hair, your teeth, your beautiful skin. 

The cap and gown hung there in our entry way for weeks.  Hiding from the emotions it would bring to the surface for me. 

"You know what today is don't you?"

"It's Friday.  It's my favorite day because I get to go to Grandma's after school."

"Do you know what else it is?"
"Graduation day.  You won't be a preschooler anymore."

"YES!  Then I can ride the bus and go to school all day."

"You sure can, buddy.  I might cry tonight.  Is that ok?"


"Because you are my baby boy and now you are growing up so fast.  It makes me sad that you are getting so big.  But I'm also really proud of you.  I'm proud of how well you did in school.  How smart you are.  How good of a friend you are to the entire class."

"Well, if you cry, that's ok, but I have funny songs to sing for you."

You got dressed in your dress pants that seem to now fit perfectly.  And slipping into your dress shoes wasn't as easy as it was just a month ago. 

We found our own spot in your classroom.  Kneeling down I had to look up.  I grabbed the bottom of your gown to slide the zipper up to your chest.  My face showing clear signs that the ugly cry was just at the verge of pouring over.  I couldn't even say anything to you.  I was thankfully distracted by your blue eyes and the excitement in the room from you and your classmates. 

"Let me get a picture of you, ok?"

"Mom, you better hurry up.  I don't have time for this picture stuff."

I love you beyond words, Wyatt Sharp.  I'm so entirely proud of you and that won't ever change.  I have so many dreams for you, but the one that matters the most is that you will do what makes you happy and that you have a positive presence in this world.  You truly are your own kind of guy and one that people can't help but admire.  There's definitely something special about you. 

It was time to leave him there with his class.  We took our seats in the church and anxiously awaited their march.  I missed him and for a second and panicked but found him again right there in the middle of the stands nervously standing next to his classmates.  He's a graduate. 

The teachers announced what the kids would like to be when they grew up as they stepped off the stands, "A baseball player"!

Whatever dreams you have, baby, keep them close to your heart and never let go.  Believe in yourself and do all you can to reach as high as you can.  I will always be your biggest cheerleader.  Dreams really do come true.  Mine did!


  1. But I have funny songs to sing for you....
    His heart is on his sleeve and he loves his mama very much.
    I know that I will be a hot mess when my son graduates. Hot. Mess.

  2. That is such an awesome post. They grow up fast, don't they? You did great Mama. Now you have a summer to get used to the idea of your son being a Kindergartener. He will look so big when he leaves the house, and then look so tiny standing next to a 5th grader. It makes me tear up just to think about it.



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