Thursday, May 17, 2012

About Dreaming

I've been thinking a lot about dreams lately.  If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you may be completely aware as to why. 

For those of you non-stalkers out there my sister competed in the WBFF Fitness Figure competition last Saturday.  This is something she has been working towards for the last couple of years.  She kicked ass.  She won the medium class by a mile then turned around and won the all around unanimously (smalls and talls).  This is one tough category to win.  But the biggest thing of the night was receiving her pro card.  Woot!!!  My sister is a professional athlete.  Guess who was in the middle of the auditorium jumping up and down screaming like the time she hit a grand slam on our softball team.  That's right... no shame here.  I think everyone was well aware of where her sister was sitting. 

(Photo credit - some dude that tagged her on facebook)

Back to the dreaming... this has been a dream of hers.  Something she just got to check off the list and I was sitting there thinking, "Wow, this is huge.  She did something big, inspirational, something that was a major challenge.  Where do I stand?  Have I reached my goals?  Checked a dream off of that list that hangs in my mind?  I need to do something big.  Something that will leave people in awe.  How cool would it be to actually stand up there with her?"

My sister and I have competed against each other for the majority of our childhood and let's be honest here, it affected our relationship.  Everything from softball, to track, to boys, to wardrobes.  It wasn't until we stopped competing that we realized what being sisters was all about. 

Truth?  It would be bad ass to stand up there with her.  Do I think I could do it?  Absolutely!  My sister just showed in solid proof that if you put your mind to something, something you love and believe in, that you can do it if you put in the work it takes. 

But, it's not for me.  I am well aware of the work, dedication, and determination it takes to achieve what she just achieved and it's not for me.  Not because I don't want to work hard, but my heart isn't 100% there. 

My heart?  It beats in three little boys that run amuk around our house and in that 6'1 guy that sleeps in my bed.  Is it something phenomenal?  Something that will awe people?  In every way, shape, and form, HELL YES it is!  I have the responsibility of raising three boys that people will love and respect and that will eventually some day be checking off dreams from their own lists.

Our dreams are different.  Her's no better than mine and mine no better than her's.  She is changing lives and so am I.  She is inspirational and at the same time so is my ability to juggle what I juggle and make it all work the majority of the time. 

Mommakiss, one of the most supportive chics I've "met" blogging and one that usually makes me laugh asked a serious question recently, "What your legacy will be?"

My Legacy? To believe in yourself, know God is behind it all especially when you feel lost, and be the best you can be but allow yourself some failure because that’s the only way you’re going to get to the best.

Being their best.  Knowing, loving, and standing for what they believe in their heart.  Earning love and respect from those around them.  Treating people kindly and caring about their feelings.  That's what I hope/dream for them. 

I've checked at least three dreams off of my list.  There will be more checks; more boxes.  There are goals floating in my head.  But that major dream?  That one won't be checked off until the day I exist here no more.  I hope the last thought that goes through my mind is the one that confirms why I was even here to begin with. 

Always dream big!  Make them your OWN dreams and OWN them.  Believe in yourself.  You're worth the fight it takes to get there. 

Thank you for the inspiration, Tionna!  Thanks for making this a clear point in my mind and making me a better mom because of it.  Thanks for helping me realize I'm not in your shadow.  I'm my own person and following the path I feel I have been given for a purpose and that I'm no better or worse for it.  Thanks for allowing me to be there and to cheer you on.  Love you, seester!


  1. Absolutely beautiful.
    A dream is a dream big or small...but accomplishing those dreams are grande.
    Congrats to your sister. She is absolutely gorgeous just like her sister ;)

  2. Wow! She looks amazing! And thanks for this post. Lately I've been really thinking about my non-mommying related dreams because I feel like they've sort of disappeared a bit. Thanks for reminding me that they are important and need to be found!



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