Monday, March 26, 2012

How I get out of it

Lesson 101 on how to get out of trouble.

The first and MOST important thing is.... You have to be cute.

Here's how I did it.

1.  Push over the trash can making such a loud noise mom will just be glad you are ok and not bleeding out your nose and mouth when she comes to see how badly you are hurt this time.

2.  Once she knows you are ok continue with your plan stepping onto the trash can to reach all the important mail she has stacked up on the island.  Take a quick peek around and flash a killer smile to make her stay put.  Make sure it looks innocent.

3.  Do a couple of squatty dance moves to throw her off your trail.  You're just making your own dance stage.  There's no funny business going on here.

4.  Take a quick peek to survey her expression.  I totally have her fooled.  She can't get up quickly from that position and she has that little glimmer of love in her eye.  Oh, wait... she is getting up.  Oh, she's just moving the chair to get a better view.  BWAHAHAHA.  It's go time.

5.  Violently pull off all of the important mail that was neatly stacked onto the floor.  Wow, that pile made quite a thud.  Look how far some of those pieces went.  Whoa, I actually got some under the fridge.

BAM!  Not even a "No-No, Weston".  Mission accomplished.  Come back next time and I'll show you how I get into the tea bags every single day and all I get is an eye roll and a deep heavy sigh. 


  1. Ha! Too smart for his own good!

  2. Sounds like he has his routine down. :)

  3. Haha! These kids are too smart for their own good sometimes!
    Also? I love how we take pictures of them in the act instead of telling them no. That's great! :)

  4. This is too hilarious.
    They are way too smart sometimes.
    Thanks for the chuckle. I needed it ;)



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