Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's early. 

The bathroom light bright in their eyes.  Their hair matted here and sticking up there.  Their eyes swollen and cheeks red. 

With tired voices they enter the bathroom and ask, "Mommy, where we going today?"  Every morning the same inquiry.  Every morning the same follow up as Waylon comes in with his silky blanket hanging from his mouth.  Chomping and sighing deeply with each step.  He leans his head against my thigh and tries to wake his tired body with each deep breath. 

"Is it a school day?"  My answer changing from day to day. 

This morning the response was a little different. 

"Mommy, does Wyatt have school today?" 

"No, baby.  He will stay at Lisa's all day today."

His response this morning took me by surprise, "Yay!"

"Do you like when you get to spend the day with Wyatt?"

"Yes, we get to play all day." He smiles in his brother's direction "You get to stay and play all day today."

"Do you miss him when he's at school?"


From the toilet amongst the sound of a fresh morning pee, "Aw, Waylon, that was really nice, buddy.  I miss you when I'm at school too."

Through the fighting, sometimes seemingly disdain between the two of them these are the moments I live for.  They melt my heart.  To see them enjoying their games together snuggled closely on the couch, watching a movie waiting for dinner to be served, or playing outside on their swing set together just the two of them with their imaginations.  These are the moments where they are creating that oh so coveted brotherly bond.  The one I hope will go deep beyond anything explainable and that will stick around for longer than my mind will allow me to dream.


  1. It is those moments you want to freeze forever. Definitely no the screaming, fighting, rolling on the floor moments.



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