Thursday, February 16, 2012

Little Mr.

There are little things/moments I share with my boys. Most of them insignificant for a “big” memory, but that is exactly what makes them so special.  They are so precious to me and things I don’t want to forget, but someday I know I will. I want these little snippets to come back to. Especially when they reach their teen to adult years and want to claim that we never did anything really special together. You know how teens can be.

This week's addition:  How I taught Wyatt to spell his name at 2. 

You all know the kid's song BINGO, right.  Well, I changed it up a bit like I do with many songs around the house because sometimes all I can do to break the tears, screams, and whining frustrations are to break out in ridiculous songs.  You might find this out about me through this little series.  I used to never do anything I thought would embarrass me.  Oh, how times have changed! 

Back to BINGO.

I used to teach cubbies in Awana at church and one Wednesday night a little girl was writing her name and started singing it to the Bingo song.  This was way before I had kids, but it was brilliant and I stored it in the memory bank for later.  Yes, I stole the idea.

"There was a girl who had a boy and Wyatt was his nameooohhh W.Y.ATT, W.Y.ATT, W.Y.ATT and Wyatt was his nameooohhhh." 

I would sing it over and over to him from as early as I can remember.  One night on vacation we had a 20 to 30 minute car ride to a restaurant in a car full of our friends.  Wyatt was out of the ordinary cranky and cried the whole way there.  The entire vehicle was singing his name song to him just to get a little piece of no crying baby quiet.  It didn't help but gave us a reason to be ridiculous instead of miserable.  Plus we could yell louder than he could cry. 
Never-the-less by the time he was 2 and way before he could write he was able to spell his name.  It was a major payoff when he started school.  He could also spell Waylon's, our dog Marcus', and mommy and daddy as well.  He would request random things to throw in the song from time to time leaving me having to be pretty creative in making the word work.  It's a great learning tool to use.  Look at me being all homeschoolish.  I have severely lacked in educating Waylon in this way and need to get a jump on this quick! 


  1. What a fantastic way for a child to learn - singing! We sing all the time around here and I'm totally going to be doing this!

  2. That's awesome! I haven't used a song to help my toddler learn her name, but I have used song to help with her learning to count and say her ABCs. Singing always makes things more fun!



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