Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WW: Memories Captured

Two beautiful ladies, Galit from These Little Waves and Alison from Momma Wants This had a brilliant idea of capturing moments right now to savor for later.  I'm linking up because I love the idea.  The reason for this blog is to capture all the stuff I won't remember later.  I was really inspired by Shell's from Things I Can't Say.  The boys are growing up so fast and no one wants to read through a long list of updates as far as what they are into except me or their grandparents, so I thought this was a perfect route to go.  I loved getting these pictures together and really thinking about THEM; what each of them individually like and how much differently they make my heart swell. 

Also linking up to Wordless Wednesday because I miss it like Lish misses the snow!


  1. Oh you and your words and your beauty and your BIG love!

    This? Is truly lovely!


  2. Your boys are gorgeous!! I love that they already have such distinct personalities at their ages.

    Wonderful! Thank you for linking up!

  3. So awesome. Adorable little guys. I really want to do this too! Wonderful idea.

  4. I really need to do this. It is so funny the little things that it seems we will never forget, but we do only a few months later. I had to get out some home movies because we could remember the funny way Cole said palomino when he was really little. All we could remember was that is was wrong and way funny.

  5. What cuties! My son is into farts too.



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