Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Pics

Santa comes to my work every year.  It's great and convenient!  I think it is perfect that the boys don't have to wait in line at some mall to see him with hundreds of other kids.  They get their own personal visit with no pressure to scoot off for the next kid.  Just the way I would like it. 

The boys?  They don't agree.

This was his 3rd time seeing Santa this year.  I guess the 3rd was just too much.  He determined that he surely didn't like the guy.

Not even with his brother there.

Here I am trying to make him think it is all ok and he is wondering why the hell I wasn't rescuing him from this scary man.  "How dare you!"

I can just hear Wyatt, "This is not working, mom!"

I should mention they saw Santa the night before and talked his ear off.  Waylon asked him about the North Pole and Wyatt told him exactly what he wanted, but Saturday morning, none of them  were having it. 

Weston... still trying to figure out where the hell he is.  He didn't even like the Christmas tree.  He usually loves Christmas trees. 

 This is the best one we got.  It was hard for Waylon to even be this close.  I tried to move in closer to Santa and he kept pushing us away. 

Oh, now he decides to hit Santa up with Reindeer questions.  Punk!  I tried to move back so we could get a good picture but he moved every time I slightly moved. 

Some day they will love Santa, I'm sure of it!!!

Here's a look back just for fun....

Wyatt 3
Waylon 1

Wyatt 3

Wyatt 4

Wyatt 4
Waylon 2

Waylon 2

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I'm a sucker for Santa pics.  Click on the pic above to go check out others if you are too.


  1. That first picture is so sad! But how cool that you have Santa at work. I wish we had something like that. Think of the mall time saved!!!

  2. Oh dear. He looks so sad, mad and scared to death.

    Thank you for linking up!

    Happy holidays.

  3. Oh poor little guy! I loved looking at all the santa pictures. Your boys are adorable

  4. I'm sorry but I'm dying at the screams! DYING!

  5. Oh. Mah...this is the most awesomest collection of pictures.
    I love how Santa terrorizes kids.
    I like to threaten my three year old with him.
    I know. I win at parenting.



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