Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - Baseball

Another milestone was reached. 
The first season of tball is done. 
His first sport. 
The first really "big kid" thing he has done. 

His fan club...

(I realize these pics aren't the best quality, but it was something that had to be captured.  What group picture isn't complete with a run away two year old?)

Here's one to make up for the poor quality!

His first true double!

His first trophy

His first team  and new friends

His first good sportsman lessons

His little brother can't wait to follow in this footsteps

What a great coach he is going to make some day.

Wyatt is changing right before my eyes.  Every single minute it seems like he is even older than the last.  He has a habit of staying awake until Waylon is out so he can sneak his way into our room for the night.  I used to make him go back to his bed and the night ended in tears and anger.  Now that I can literally see my little baby boy transforming into a big boy I don't mind anymore.  I agree to the "want to snuggle" requests and don't give him sleeping on our floor a second thought.  He sleeps on our floor by choice.  Once he gets too hot snuggling he hops down there. 

I fell asleep last night asking him what he loved about each one of his family members, which was a blessing to hear from a five year old's perspective.  This morning he got up early with me and we talked about why I wear wedding rings and what it meant.  I really can't believe we are to the point where we are holding real meaningful true to life conversations and he gets it.  It breaks my heart and makes me so proud all at the same time. 

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  1. Aw, such a sweet post Tayarra. Your boys are adorable :)

  2. That five year old age yanks on my heart strings. I just want to squeeze mine up and hug her forever.

    What a sweet post!

  3. It looks like he really enjoyed it. He has quite a cheering section.



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