Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Too soon I'll forget

It’s late! I’m going to bed. 5am comes way too early. Don’t forget to turn on the alarm. Did I put the milk back in the fridge? I hear little footsteps again. “Wyatt, go back to bed.”







Six hours. I can make it on 6 hours. “Wyatt you need to get some sleep. Go back to bed.”

Then I hear it. It is soft and quiet and perfect. Weston is snoring. He’s getting too long for his bassinet. Check to see if his feet are touching the end. I think he can make it one more month before he goes all the way down the hall to his crib. My goodness how fast the time is going. I don’t want him to leave our room. I wonder if his crib will fit in here. Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t even be able to make it to my side. It would be too cramped.

I’m just going to turn his little lamp on to make sure he is still swaddled. Of course he is and he is out. Thank you little man for being such a great sleeper. I glanced at his face. Oh my word he is beautiful. Look again and soak it up. He is so beautiful. Perfect. My eyes filled with tears. Before I know it he is going to be running down the hall. He is going to be getting into trouble. Too quickly it is going to be hard to remember this moment. He is going to need correction. How in the world is that possible? How is it that this perfect little human is going to grow up and get in trouble? Of course I will see him live and dream, but this pure little guy. I only have so long.

I wish I could freeze time. I wish I could stay right here forever. I found the edge of the bed as close to him as I could. I found his foot held on and fell asleep.


  1. Wow - great minds think a like. My post today is about the exact same thing! Isn't it crazy how you just can stare at your child thinking how beautiful they are!!

  2. What a beautiful post. My younger son is also on the cusp of toddlerhood and I have moments like these all the time. It sounds like you're drinking it all in.

  3. What a wonderful memory of sleep both fleeting and falling into it.

  4. I think the same thoughts about my little one. She just outgrew her bassinet and I was sad about that, now we are thinking of moving her to her own room and I'm nervous about that too!

  5. time goes much too fast. much.

  6. Awww. I love this.

  7. Beautifully written Tayyara.

  8. That is so beautifully said!

  9. This is so beautifully written, Tayarra. I've been there four times now - holding onto that little foot and those fleeting moments of pure innocence. It all goes by way too fast, doesn't it?



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