Monday, June 6, 2011

Parenting is all kinds of embarrassing awesome

There's a lot I want to post about... little time.

I distractedly made it through Wyatt's 5th birthday party.  Thank you, stomach bug, for draining every bit of give a damn emotion in my body.  For the record, I gave a damn, but I thought I would be a crying sap the entire day.  Turns out I could barely move off the couch the day before and I was very weak the day of.  Post coming soon.  He had a blast!

The hubs and I?  We are better.  Not perfect, but better.  It's a never ending job and one I am 100% into keeping forever.  Thanks so much for all of the love and support you all gave.  I got comments, emails, tweets, DM's, facebook messages, etc.  Amazing how much support we have.  We are truly blessed and it is refreshing to know we have so many people out there rooting for us.  Seriously, I can't mean it more, THANK YOU!  Not to mention the heartfelt advice you all gave. 

I have an all night girl's night Saturday.  When I think about that I get all giddy and excited inside. 

But the main reason for the post....

I had that parenting moment.

You know the one.

Pure frustration.

Pure embarrassment.

Wyatt loves tball, right?!  Right!  He loves it more in his yard than out on the field with his teammates.  Saturday he had a makeup game.  Long story short he did not want to step on that field.  There was crying, screaming, running after me yelling.  A tantrum just short of him flailing on the ground kicking and screaming.  It was embarrassing.  People stared.  I'm sure they judged.  I did not have my best parenting moment.  I tried talking to him.  I tried sitting on the bench with him.  I tried reassuring him.  I took him to the car and had a little firmer talk with him that ended in promises that he would go back to the field and play.  Thankfully as we got back to the field and he completely flopped on his part of the deal his dad arrived just in time to save the day. 

What did daddy do?  Talked to him.  Sat on the bench with him.  Reassured him.  Um, hello?!  That is everything I just did!  Thanks little buddy.  To make matters worse we were playing some kids of some of my high school friends.... AWESOME!  Hi, Heather and Carissa.  Yeah, that was MY kid!  Ha!

He finally got out there on the field and played great.  Oh parenting, how I love thee.

PS Heather, if you're reading.  Little Lane is a stud!


  1. Kids have to act their worst for us mamas, don't they? LOL

  2. I always say that they save their worst behavior for us moms. Hope you're better from that pesky stomach bug!



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