Monday, June 6, 2011

Eight years!

Today is my anniversary.  8 years ago today I was walking down the "isle" in my backyard to marry the man I had already spent 7 years with.  We finally made it official.  My high school sweetheart.  The one that gives me strength time and time again. 

Here's a little bit about how we met. 

To view the video click here.

We spent two hard years away from each other for a good portion of the time while I finished high school.  Then we went to college together.  That was harder than the two years apart, but we made it.  I'm glad we made the choice to stick it out.  We never once split.  We made the choice to fight like we always will.

We got married, got jobs, worked our asses off, saved more money than I think we will probably ever have again, lived in a spider hole, got pregnant, built a house, got pregnant, lost a baby, got pregnant, lived life, and got pregnant again.  It's been quite a ride. Ups, downs.  Deaths, births.  Happiness, sadness.  All along joy and God. 

Below are pictures from our wedding.  Most of my pictures along with my dress were lost in a fire.  So, the ones I do have are pretty treasured.

 I think this is my favorite picture of all time.  I loved that dress and I loved that bouquet.

Awe, the memories!  Happy Anniversary, babe!
Here's to keeping up the fight!
(I'm totally fighting for our 10 year celebration in Hawaii)

I'm sharing with others for vlogtalk and Project Marriage.


  1. Prettiest Bride EVER!! WAtched your whole video. So funny about the spilled water, opening of the door, asking for ice...ha ha. Love it!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sweet story and you looked amazing in that dress!

  3. Beautiful pictures & Happy Anniversary! You were a stunning bride. I love that you just snagged him and told him he was going to the dance with you. I like a girl who takes action. ;)

  4. Good thing he never dated your sister. Happy Anniversary. Beautiful wedding pictures.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love how you told him that he was going with you. That's what I'm talking about!

    You had purple/rose colored callas? They are so beautiful. I had purple calla lilies too so I just think they are the greatest flower in the world.

  6. Thanks for all the Happy Anniversaries! !

  7. Happy Anniversary to you two! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  8. Great story! I loved the kids mishaps in the background!

    Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures too!

  9. Happy anniversary! My goodness you guys have had quite a story! I adore the photos that you added and the phrase "special spark?" Slays me. :)

  10. Stunning Pictures! Happy 8th Anniversary!

    Loved the Vlog! You so kept it together from "give me ice" to the coolness of water on the floor! Also, glad it wasn't pee! =)

    Way to grab your man! (Even if you didn't know it at the time)

  11. So incredibly beautiful!
    Truly stunning. :)



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