Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Round #2

Out of order.  Not edited.  No time for crap.  Second Christmas Post.  I'm not doing another one. 

Christmas Morning!  Santa came!  I love tired eyed Christmas morning pics!

Daddy loves Christmas morning as much as the boys, but I think he was down in the dumps a little because he thought he wasn't getting anything.  Boy was he wrong!  He got the gift he had wanted (only better) later.  Sorry no pics.  It's not that exciting just a toolbox, but I made up for ruining Christmas last year when I thought it would be a good idea to surprise my boys with a puppy!

Holding a gun to Santa's head.  Man those gang suspicions just keep popping back up in my head.  He was actually telling Santa thank you in the most sincere voice.  It was actually pretty cute.  I'd like to throw this gun in the freakin pond!

The boys got candy in their stockings.  Guess who had it all eaten before breakfast was a thought in any one's mind?!

At my mom and dad's.  My nephew, Will all GQ'd up.  Such a cutie.  That's his momma, Anna.

Wyatt made an awesome Santa passing out all the gifts.  He was so good about it and didn't even care that he got his gifts last.  So proud of him.  I think he actually liked seeing them pile up.  My family spoils these boys! 

Got the little bro some undies just for his reaction!  This little joke runs back a few years.  Should have put some poop stains in there.  Oh my gosh that would have been funny.  Damn!

All the boys got new home made hats from my Aunt Chillone.  So cute!  Thanks so much, Chillone!  Miss you guys!

My sister and Chad got all the boys hats, gloves, and scarves.  Too cute!

These gloves were his brother's but he wouldn't take them off.

Here's Nayners in his!  Couldn't you just eat this little guy up?  He is irresistible!

You know he is tired when he falls asleep eating! 

This is Christmas Eve while they were picking out their 1 gift to open.  I love this picture!  This is a tradition daddy wanted and I like it.

"Merry MissMass" (Christmas) is what he is saying. 

How long before this truck was in a pile of tiny pieces?  Oh, about 2 seconds!  Lesson learned!

So it's all over.  The big thing missing?  Christmas with the Sharp's and another trip to KS not taken.  I hate that.  We miss everyone so much and wish it was different this year.  But, it is what it is and we are plowing through. 

Christmas was pretty great besides the fact we couldn't celebrate in person with a few.  The gifts are unwrapped and put away.  The house is clean again.   And those after Christmas blues actually hit before Christmas after our 1st round of company left.  I think I cried the rest of the day.  Hey, I have an excuse this year. 

Another year gone.  Another year of unexpected events.  Some were good, really good and some were bad, really bad!  That's life and we are ready to see what 2011 has in store for our families.  What miracles, what heartache, what small moments widen our smiles, what will we have in store?  One thing I am hoping to do is to remember to take a step back and take it all in for what it's worth and what it is doing in the moment.  Our lives are changing in a big way again just around the corner.  Happy New Year, all! 


  1. Sleeping while eating pics NEVER get old!! Ha!! Love all of the Christmas pics! Happy New Year!!

  2. Your boys are so incredibly cute.
    It looks like they scored some amazing gifts. :)

  3. Cute hats. It looks like a wonderful day. So funny falling asleep while eating.

  4. I'm so behind. I feel like I've missed so much. Love the action pics. Really tells the story of your Christmas, like I was there. We have so rarely been able to be with family that I think nothing of it anymore. I have spent many alone in fact. But this year hubs was home xmas eve and xmas. It was just our little family, but so nice. Thanks for sharing. Hoping that 2011 brings with it wonderful things for you and your family.



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