Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Post #1

I mentioned that our Christmas might be a bit crazy and it sure was. But it was great. It was really great to get together with some college friends we have missed dearly. Dale's college roommate, Craig and his other friend from college, Lewis (all football buddies from the first few Two-a-Days freshman year)have been getting together since the first summer break in college. Now that we all have families of our own it makes it much harder to get together. These guys are like brothers to both of us. Seriously, I think I give Lewis more crap than I give my own brother! I've posted about them several times before. Anyway, everyone arrived on Tuesday night. We got to meet baby Cami for the first time. I have been dying to get my hands on this adorable baby girl. She didn't disappoint! She was even more adorable and good in person.

(Warning: You're going to have to forgive me, I'm not going to edit any of these photos. There just isn't time in the day and my editing doesn't do much for them anyway!)

Craig and Cami - told you she was adorable!

 What the bruthas spent the night doing.  We were supposed to be opening gifts together with the kiddos!

 We finally got to it even though two littles missed out due to some much needed sleep.

I got all the baby toys out, you know, for the BABIES!  Guess who spent the majority of the time playing in them!  Never mind the large person in pink in the background eating ice cream.  I have no idea who that is.

Celinda, Craig, and Lew Dog

Wyatt playing with some old toy and Little Lew Dog enjoying his new toys.

 I think the boys enjoyed having Cami in the house just as much as I did if not more.  They LOVED her!  Here Waylon is tickling her feet.

 Wyatt playing dragons with her.  Does it get much cuter than that?

Oh wait, it does! Both of them playing dragons with her.

Tired Daddy!

Oh, the love and cuteness!  These two boys also fight like they are brothers!  It is getting better and I think they enjoy the majority of time together now without fighting every 2 seconds.

The whole group together.  Next year there will be at least one more to add to the mix!
Waylon (2), Wyatt (4.5), Landyn (1), Lewis (4), Cami (5.5 months)

We joke about our visits a few years down the road when Cami is bossing all the boys around and making them play barbies with her.  It will be here before we know it.

She was loved to say the least!

The Fosters!  Love you guys!  Cel is short, Craig is tall and Cami is big for 5.5 months, but they make such an adorable family!

The boys and their kiddos!

More proof of who was really into the baby toys!

Dale loves me so.  Can't you see?!  Smooches sweetie!

Love how Lewis teaches the boys hand gestures as if they need help in that area!  Glad he toned it down a bit this time! 

Some things never change, Cucumber!

Landyn man!

Stay tuned for more Christmas posts. 

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  1. Looks like fun. I love the ones of all the kids together.



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