Monday, December 27, 2010

In a house full of boys/A story for the books

So daddy really likes to tell this story to all of his friends.  I have yet to tell it just because I don't feel the pride behind it like daddy does.  And most of you know that Dale is a great story teller and can do a much better job than I can. But, it is times like these we shall remember and laugh at later.  So here goes...

Dale was giving the guys a shower the other night when we were watching my nephew, Connor, he's 6. Usually Connor is in the kitchen with me making sure his homework is done or settling in on the couch to wait for his mom to come pick him up when the boys are showering.  But on this night the guys were joking around in the bathroom.   I think Dale was pouring cold water over the top of the shower door onto the poor innocent little guys below and brought Connor into the bathroom to laugh at the silliness.  They think it is hilarious.  I think it is the type of joke that can cause me to go into a teeth gnashing rage.  Let's just say that Dale doesn't pull this one on me anymore.  New victims with much more tolerance get the butt of this joke. 

So anyway, Connor happened to be in the bathroom when the guys were getting out of the shower to get dressed.

Connor starts laughing and pointing at Wyatt
Wyatt: "What's so funny, Connor"
Connor:  "You have a long pee pee"
Wyatt: "No I don't!  Shut up, Connor"
Connor: "Yes you do.  Ha, Ha! Ha, Ha!  You have a long pee pee.  Ha, Ha!"
Wyatt:  "Stop laughing at me!"

Dale laughing hysterically thinking oh, man just wait till you all are older!



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