Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project Smile: November

I'm so glad it is time to share smiles for the month. I love the holidays, really love them.  I don't like the cold, but the cold means that snow might be on the way and that I get to cuddle up under some comfy, soft, smell good blankets alone or with several others.  I'm joining Alicia again this month to pass on what has made me smile throughout the month.  There have been several other things that I let slip through the cracks, but these are what I have captured.  Please feel free to join us in sharing your smiles.  You never know what your smile can do for someone else.  Happy Holidays, you all!  Enjoy!

  • "Sorry for acting like that, mom"  without being prompted after a melt down
  • Owls howling, coyotes crying, and leaves blowing while taking the dog out at 5am
  • My kids and husband running around the house chasing after each other.  It sounds like the house may fall down, but I love it just the same.
  • My FIL's voice for the first time in over 2 months.
  • Wyatt tell his brother, "That's my boy!" with a thumbs up!


  • My real life friends starting blogs of their own and doing it so well
  • Looking up at the dark sky at 5am while taking the dog out to see a sky full of beautifully sparkling stars that look thousands of miles closer to me than ever
  • A two year old running down the hall in laughter as he should have been in his room in bed
  • Unconditional love between a son and a father
  • My 2 year old cuddled up on the shower mat waiting for me to get out of the shower early in the morning.
  • My 4 year old leaping with excitement for his brother's accomplishments! 
  • The pink in the sky with a new morning's sunrise
  • A toddler's silhouette in the doorway of a dark room.
  • A beautiful sunset

  • Warmth hit my face as I open the door to my house when I get home from work
  • True love from a four year old as he sneaks into our room one last time before he falls asleep just to tell us goodnight and get some last kisses and hugs
  • Love from just hanging out with my husband while he does the things he enjoys. Replacing brakes, changing oil, driving his dad's truck.
  • Freshly shaved legs on smooth clean sheets.
  • Pride in the fact that some of my friends are falling head over heals in love all in the name of first time mommy hood
  • "One more time" kisses and hugs from a two year old
  • Inspired by fellow bloggers

  • A dinner that filled the house with such a warm soothing aroma
  • Thanksgiving desert and dinner in that order for a week!
  • What God has given
  • The blessing of forgiveness
  • The holidays and everything they mean to me and my family and friends

What has made you smile this past month? 

Feel free to check out the others.  Just click on the healthy smile below.


  1. And you make me smile! I love the image of your son laughing and running down the hall when he supposed to be in bed. Love that. :) Love you!

  2. Those are some great moments, and I especially appreciate the sunrise/sunset! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the way you shared your smiles in categories. It reminds me how much I really take for granted- all the things we see and hear and feel that we do without realizing it. What an amazing thing to hear your FIL's voice. Very special! And I concur- freshly shaven legs on clean sheets is definitely smile worthy. Thanks for sharing your beautiful post and smiles! Certainly brought a smile to my face.

  4. You have a gazilion great reasons to smile! You are blessed!

  5. I found you on the Wordless Wednesday Linky and subscribed via GFC as masugr. Please stop by and return the favor at http://mywildcrazlife.blogspot.com



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